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I love roleplaying and heard that Mateus was a good RP server (since Balmung is full), so I stumbled through FFXIV's weird UI trying to get to the Aether data center to see if Mateus was open, since apparently that one is getting hard to get into (so I've heard).


Lo and behold, I find my completely untouched relic of a 1.0 character that I thought was deleted years ago... on the Balmung server. With legacy characters, you're able to change everything about them when you log onto them for the first time in ARR+, including their name. Yay!


So yeah, I'm here now. I have no idea how to roleplay in a game, but I've been doing forum/Tumblr/Livejournal/whatever roleplay for a long time.

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I come from WOW, and have a character on Balmung. Due to the nature of legacy servers, I think I'll be swapping to Mateus.

It's a different beast from forum RP as unlike forum RP it's an established world with existing lore. Alike to forum RP, however, the universe is ever-expanding!

There are a few things you want to avoid, coming from forum RP. Chief among them are god modding and creating excessive new lore (it is okay to do this within reason!).

1.) https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=god modding 

2.) It's okay to say you're from some country in an unknown/undisclosed part of the world. It is not okay to create a new race that's not in-game (like let's say Viera from FF12) and act as though they are in fact in the world.

That said, those are probably the two biggest things that anger people (oh, and a lack of proper grammar... but you have that on lock down). So long as you're careful about stepping on people's toes, a great way to meet people is visiting the local drinking establishments in larger cities. You can join Linkshells or Free Companies either In-Character or Out of Character to help you meet other RPers, which can help you in turn find other ways to meet new people!


While I'm just returning after a very long hiatus, feel free to let me know if there's any way I can assist, or if there are any questions I can answer!

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