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Eorzean Alliance Accession Ceremony for Ala Mhigo (4.4 spoilers) - Sunday 9th December @ 18:00 EST

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Eorzean Alliance Accession Ceremony for Ala Mhigo (4.4 spoilers) - Sunday  9th December @ 18:00 EST

Together we have defeated the dreadful XIIth Imperial Legion and brought freedom to Ala Mhigo. Now we come together once more to celebrate the accession of our newly-liberated brothers and sisters into the Eorzean Alliance. This historic occasion marks the first time the realm is united and together in arms, poised to face the challenges of this tumultuous star as a single force. As the leaders of the five city-states are scheduled to meet in the castle of Ala Mhigo, the Alliance military will be hosting a ceremony for the free companies of Eorzea in the city below, inviting prominent adventurer leaders to show their support with rousing speeches and revelry! 


Similar to our very successful Ishgard rally two years ago ([1], [2]), we will be hosting a rally in the Ala Mhigan Quarter to line up with the 4.4 story events of Ala Mhigo joining the Eorzean Alliance! This event will happen in parallel to the corresponding MSQ sequence off-camera. With an opening and closing bard act, we invite prominent characters (preferably Ala Mhigan!) to come forth and deliver a speech, while the uniformed men and women of the Eorzean Alliance will stand in formation nearby. Come be part of history! 


1. Open
2. Open


1. Yvaine Athidrial
2. Rhuli'a Kanjun
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open


Alliance Detail Officers-in-Charge 
Immortal Flames - Second Flame Commander Kale Aideron 
Maelstrom - Storm Commander Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn 

Order of the Twin Adder - Open
Temple Knights - Baroness Hestia de Bayle of House Fortemps 
Ala Mhigan Resistance - Captain Beowoad Wyaadif, Resistance Cell 5


Join the Eorzean Alliance Discord here to get involved - https://discord.gg/U4Qpksw


Please share the tumblr post here - https://4thcombinedbrigade.tumblr.com/post/179841090257/eorzean-alliance-accession-ceremony-for-ala-mhigo

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