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So, I have this idea for a character, but in order for it to work I need to know somethings that doesn't seem to be easy to find. I know that the Archon basically teleported everyone during the calamity 5 years into the future...but does that extend to the entire realm? I'm a bit fuzzy on that. 

What I had in mind for the character was that after the calamity he wakes up with no memory of his time before. Now here is where it gets fuzzy cause I was planning on having him live out the 5 years between 1.0 and ARR. However if everyone got flash forward to 5 years later that could jam my idea for the RP.

This character is relatively young and the 5 year time gap could really flesh him out to be the character that I want to RP as, but like I said in order for that to happen I need more info that I can't seem to find.

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When Louisoix teleported what became the 1.0 Warriors of Light (different from *the* 2.0+ Warrior of Light), it was only those people who were brought 5 years into the future. Everyone else was not. It stands that most people in Eorzea were around for the rebuild and cleanup. For the people teleported, however, our current working knowledge of the lore is that there was no time gap for them from Cartenaux -> waking up after.


You can find some more information about that here: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=19113&pid=289172#pid289172 (this is currently on the the RPC's previous site due to formatting.)


For more lore resources, I'd check out the lore forum here, but also Sounsyy's Lore Index, which is more updated on Tumblr these days!


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Thank you so much! I appreciate the information share!


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