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Masao Aniko

balmung Lunar Rose Academy <Lunar> Is looking for students and school staff!

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Lunar Rose Academy <Lunar> Is looking for FC and Non FC members alike. We are a school who teach in various subjects. From basic reading and writing, to combat and magic casting. We need teachers (We have reached a max number of teachers at the moment, BUT! We will need more again when we have more students, so stay tuned!) School staff, and students. People who are more active will be rewarded with various gifts. Like gil, materials and more! 


This is what our teachers will give classes in so far:

  • Kai'to Kahjela - Writing Refinement
  • Tamachi Kha - Combat Classes
  • Juni Valturi - Magiteck Classes
  • V'rasha Tenbe - General Studies/Aethurology
  • Titor Jaraba (Citadel Five-four) - Alchemy
  • Yousuke Sumiyoshi - Medical Science
  • Ayane Mayuzuma - Magic Casting/Language


Are you interested into joining our little group, or do you have questions? Please send me a private message on here, add me on discord: (Masao#2913) Join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/fe3rNcC 

Or feel free to message me in game on Ayane Mayuzuma. Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day.


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