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Masao Aniko

balmung Lunar Rose Academy <Lunar> Is looking for students and school staff!

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Lunar Rose Academy <Lunar> Is looking for FC and Non FC members alike. We are a school who teach in various subjects. From basic reading and writing, to combat and magic casting. We need teachers, School staff, and students. People who are more active will be rewarded with various gifts. Like gil, materials and more! 


This is what our teachers will give classes in so far:

  • Ursula Crow - Potions
  • Dusiox - Magic
  • Makoto Mifune - Criminology
  • Ririan Ruruan - Cooking
  • Lilyra Lyra - Dancing
  • Yousuke Sumiyoshi - Medical Science
  • Ayane Mayuzuma - General Studies (Class change from time to time)


Are you interested into joining our little group, or do you have questions? Please send me a private message on here, add me on discord: (Masao#2913) Join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/fe3rNcC 

Or feel free to message me in game on Ayane Mayuzuma. Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day.


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We are still active for anyone who is wondering! Dont be afraid to send a private message if you would like to know more, or add me on discord!

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Summoning everyone in Crystal who wants to RP in a school setting!


Ever thought about RPing? Never really had a opportunity to? Or a teacher on how to do it?

Come to Lunar Rose Academy! We welcome everyone old and new to RP. We can teach you how, and enroll you into our school! We have several teachers ready to learn your charachter things like: Combat, Magic, Cooking, Emergency Medic, Reading, Writing, Survival, Dancing and more! Maybe you want to be a teacher yourself, or part of the staff like the Library or Security. There are many possibilities. Come take a look!

We are in Balmung in the Lavender Beds (Ward 13, Plot 30.)

Lunar Rose Academy. Education is key~


Ayane: “…Really? Education is key? That is so stupid…”


- A message from our Headmaster.

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The school has become quite popular since the data center merge with Crystal. However, we are still looking for active people to join our ranks. We have some new classes as well, so feel free to ask about them and join us!

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