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balmung Garlean Loyalist/Military RP

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Hello fellow RPers,


I am here fishing to see if there is an interest in a Garlean Military style Free Company/Linkshell. If there is enough demand for such a thing amongst our Community be it making an alt or body alt for such a thing I would gladly start what I have begun to lay the groundwork for, such as obtain an FC house and lay a few foundational things for but before I get ahead of myself I wanted to see what you our community think.



Listed below are a few things that one could come to expect should this come to fruition as an FC/LS, it would be a Castrum/Military base stationed in Ilsabard but unlike most bases, this would be home to civilians and families being home to a commissary and residential area. The kinds of events that would be hosted are as follows. Keep in mind this is just a rough outline and idea.


  • Military Operations:
    • - Airship battles.
    • - Breaching and/or Extraction scenarios.
    • - Dealing with rogue factions, or rebellion.
    • - Conquering Towns/Villages/Areas for Empire Control.
  • Casual Events:
    • - Poker night in the barracks
    • - Marksmen/Combat Competitions
    • - Balls/Ceremonies
  • Training:
    • - Lessons covering militum combat styles and legion tactics.
    • - Standard decorum; perhaps drills or general classes covering how to address peers and superiors, as well as how to behave on a daily basis.
    • - Combat scenarios where the troops play either side alternately, learning how each group would think and act in the instance.


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I don't play a Garlean, but I wish you luck in your endeavor!  :) I hope you find lots of people interested!

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I would have loved this, I /do/ love this. I tend to be a big Garlean empire fan girl since 1.0 when we first got introduced to the Magitek they had... also Gaius. I got the cutscenes that made him a very, very fascinating character back then.


Sadly my Garlean boy is or was on Mateus, but now is over on Lamia. I have spoken about making an alt on Balmung again (as it was my original home going back to Besaid), but I am not sure if my life would really allow me the time or even energy to give this its proper respect. I will, however, keep an eye on this thread and your endeavors to see how it goes. I hope it goes well, antagonists groups are lovely and I am pretty sure 5.0 is going to be throwing interesting twists n' turns for those who /do/ play Purebloods & Empire Loyalists.


Edit: PS - If you don't mind me joining your Discord, though I may not be able to join. That would be <3. Just cause I really, really do wanna see where this goes!

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