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LF Adventuring Mentor

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Well met!


I am looking for an adventuring mentor for my teen Keeper girl.


Having lived in Ul'dah for most of her life, she is ready to make her way out into the world, preferably as an adventurer. She is not especially skilled in combat but with the right training, she may become a formidable fighter at her mentor's side. I am happy for her to learn some physical combat but mostly want her to focus on eventually becoming a somewhat skilled arcanist/summoner. I do not require her mentor to be an arcanist/summoner.


Essentially, I would just like my girl to be a type of squire for the mentor, taking care of little tasks for them, including cooking and cleaning, though be warned she is not an especially good cook! I do not mind if the mentor is kind or gruff.


I am available for both in-game and Discord RP. My character is available on Mateus as well as Balmung.


Please take a look at her wiki for more information about her: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Ki_Rin


Feel free to message me here if you are interested!

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Hello there! I am in the process of leveling my own Summoner/Scholar character. IC she is at the point where she could mentor and I see it being a great story arch for her based on some events in her past. I will look for you on Mateus! Or feel free to mesage me on Discord @Alyria@6123 (I didn't see your Discord tag here) and we can work out the details or schedule a meetup!

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