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Hello! I'm not a new FFXIV player by any means, but I've been wanting to get into FFXIV RP now that I have it for PC.
My current conundrum is whether to wait for the new expansion to start RPing or not. I'm probably going to make an alt on Mateus, but I'm debating whether to do that now or wait and make a voluptuous Viera. 

In any case, I'm primarily what's known as an RPer that is fine with the RP shifting into ERP when deemed necessary. I'm even fine with full ERP if the setting calls for it, but my preference is 'standard' RP that would shift occasionally.

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Thank you!
I forgot to mention that I'm also a medium-heavy RPer, and I actually have little MMO RP experience. My primary RP experience is on forums like this one. I've been RPing on forums off and on for the better part of 15 years. So I'm hoping my forum writing experience will help somewhat within the MMO world.

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One option is to make the character on Mateus (if you choose that server) and use the free fantasia you get as a veteran reward once the race comes out. That way you can begin finding friendships and perhaps an FC for your Viera, if that is the new race, when the expansion arrives. There is still some time before Summer 2019! So many stories can be told in that time. Whatever you decide to do, if you come to Mateus . . . Welcome to the Server! 

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