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Balmung - How to find a FC?

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I've tried to look here in the Balmung RP directories, but they don't seem to be very updated with many recruiting FCs. Also the official forums lack a good listing too. I'm assuming that people just don't really care to look for new recruits outside of the game?


Said that, any tips on how I can meet a nice roleplaying FC ingame?  Ul'dah's pub is bursting with just random roleplaying that rarely bear fruit to something nice. Then, I've turned to look for public housing places to meet new people, and many are tagged with RP in the aethernet directories... Yet they don't disclose the times with activity or anything like.


Any clue on how I can even get to find something suited for me? Ingame or out of game?

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Hey there!


Step 1: Chat with me on Discord (see my signature)
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!


The main issue, I think, is that the RPC is a very wonderful website, but due to a change in the website's underlying structure the old FC pages all got sent into retirement and FCs were told they'd need to make a new page under the site's "club" system. Most found this "club" system confusing (myself included) and opted not to rebuild their page. The RPC site has since rescinded that and is allowing the use of the older style FC pages, so some of them are coming back (mine will be along sometime this week). 


Secondary, a lot of players seem to be using Tumblr for their RP connections and FC stuff, even though Tumblr is literally a terrible tool for that compared to something like the RPC website. But, even though it's the wrong tool for that task, a lot of people are determined to try and put screws in using a hammer, if you catch my meaning.


Anyway! My FC's Discord server is open to guests and so are all of our activities, so feel free to chat me up on Discord and even if you aren't interested in our FC itself, maybe you'll enjoy coming to RP with us occasionally or checking our one of our activities. We have stuff going on most nights of the week, in US evening timezones.

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On 11/27/2018 at 4:11 PM, AedanBlacke said:

With regard to active FCs on Balmung here on the RPC...




Just look for the Balmung tag in front of the post's title.



That'll show a few, but I'd still check out the clubs section as well for more listings. (Hopefully in time, we'll get the reinstated Hall sections back up to how they were, where we go through pruning every month or two!) @yhvh13



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Imo I think the club listings are the best system beyond maybe just asking your friends for recommendations. It's true some may be outdated or no longer active, but I'd recommend picking out a few that interest you and try getting in touch with their officers to see what their status currently is.

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Additionally, you can make a post about your character in the Making Connections section on these Forums. Sometimes the best FC experiences you can have is just through making organic RP connections. Browse the RP calendar linked above and check out the events. A lot have FC's attached that you might be interested in.

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