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Balmung sprout LF RP friends

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Hi! I'm new on Balmung and would like to find acquaintances or small groups who RP.


History and RP preferences - I've played FFXIV for a while, and before that some Korean MMOs, but never RPed in those. I played an RP MUD (text based game) long ago where my char joined a group of mercenaries and we had hunting parties and drank a lot and occasionally got swept up in ongoing conflicts IC. That was really fun and i hope to relive a little of that. Finally I'm a Dark Souls nerd and really love how souls lore and dialogue is written.


.. and, so, i'm looking for RP friends! I was also wondering if there exist any linkshells for RP newbies, especially those of us who love and wish to stay in our non-RP FCs. I'm not confident enough to walk up to strangers or attend events alone, so if anyone else feels the same, maybe we can go to events together, or plot OOC until we work up the courage to have our chars meet IC...


Char info - Sui Bian is a devout follower of Nophica the Matron and employee of the Botanists' Guild, tending the gardens at Greatloom Growery or repairing equipment. Though he seems to have gone to great lengths to settle down in Gridania, he often makes small pilgrimages to places like Nophica's Wells or the Sagolii Desert - wherever life thrives where it shouldn't. Finally, despite his fervent praise of Nophica, he may accidentally swear by the Fury on particularly heated occasions.


Dark of hair and face, his appearance is pleasant but unremarkable, his height somewhat short - for an elezen - and his age seemingly anywhere between twenty to thirty summers.


Contact - PM me here, i can pm you my discord name if you like. In game PM is fine too but if i'm in a duty or unlocking stuff i might take a while to reply.


That's all from me, thanks for getting this far. I hope Sui can meet your chars in game soon!




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Hi Sui! Welcome to Balmung!


My FC's Discord server is open to guests from other FCs, and all of our activities are open to them, too - we don't try to recruit our guests (mostly we figure if somebody decides they want to join the FC, they'll tell us), so don't worry, there's no pressure for that at all. You're welcome to have fun with us if you want! My Discord info's in my signature, so just toss me a friend request if you want to check us out. There's close to 50 players on the server at this point, most of whom are guests just like you'd be. :)

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Welcome to Balmung! If you're interested in perhaps getting to know a group of people, I am an officer in <LUXE> - I see you already have an FC, but many of our members are newer to the game and are looking for more contacts! If you are interested, please feel free to add me on Discord (judicialHunter#9027) and we can arrange some things together! I've got plenty of characters if any of them interest you, too. ^^

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung! :D I am always glad to RP; I've got several characters to choose from them, their wikis are linked in my signature. My FC's Discord is also open to guests!

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