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[Mateus] Sylvarant Yaeger

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Sylvarant Yaeger



Active IC when applicable. RP without progression is mostly ignored- but slice of life and bonding is welcome for a better understanding between characters and room for relationships (friendships or otherwise) may grow. Combat is primarily ignored due to the RNG of rolls causing often unfair situations. However, if pushed to fight- it would be expected that reason is applied and a war grizzled male Roegadyn could not be bested by a Midlander with just above average strength in a fist fight. That said, it is a magical world and there is wiggle room. The same applies to injuries. The natural process is preferred- but conjury is not entirely rejected. Ideally- a potion/spell would mend the absolute worst but wont reattach a limb.



Abiding by the lore is something kept to heart- however, bending can and will happen for a more organic experience- drama, or to keep a more realistic approach. For example, Sylvie has a Goblet home despite not being an adventurer, or uses checks for large exchanges because it would be impossible to carry so much gil on her person.

A bit random, but glamours are also something to consider. If a player is a Xaela of the Steppe, and have on Songbird/Warrior of Light/Maid-Butler sets IC- then there wont be any interaction unless there is a very solid reasoning for it. Sylvie is rather aether dumb as well- and magic from her end is avoided. Would prefer not to associate with void/aether heavy characters for a more down to earth kind of RP.

Sylvie's backstory/bio can be read here: https://pastebin.com/SS9k8NnG


Contact info:
Discord Sis#3929
Any questions, just ask.

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