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mateus RP/XIV Veteran Seeking Connections for Email/Discord RP

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Hey guys!

I'm a formerly very active player from Mateus/Gilgamesh/Balmung. I'm not actually actively playing FFXIV right now, mostly holding out for the next expansion while I handle other stuff on my backlog, but I love the setting and miss RP so much I figured it couldn't hurt to throw up a classified ad here. Hopefully this isn't against the rules, if so feel free to let me know!

I'm looking for someone to do some longer term RP with via email or Discord, or both depending on circumstances, with a possibility of moving it to in-game stuff from time to time if I can't resist the itch or after Shadowbringers launches. I prefer an RP partner that's about as literate as me and I generally write 1-3 paragraphs per post so someone who can match that would be ideal. It's been a long time since I last played or RP'd seriously so I don't really have a "main" guy in mind, but would be more than glad to hash out ideas for a character or a plot with people via PMs or something. Heck, that's almost half the fun when arranging RP like this, isn't it?

I'm pretty open to any type or genre of RP, and am always down to try new stuff either way, so if you've been looking for a guinea pig to try an idea you've had on for a while I can be your guy! I enjoy everything from dark drama, action adventure, to fluffy romance stuff and everything in between, though as I said before I do prefer a longer term thing that allows for a lot of character growth. If it matters, I tend to play straight male characters and they're generally Hyur, Elezen, AuRa or Miqo'te.

So whether you're just looking for a little RP to do on the side to flesh out a character or are in the same boat as me and looking for an RP buddy that won't flake out on you, gimme a PM or post in here and let's make something happen!

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I'm always up for Discord RP. There should be links with info in my signature though I'm sure some of it could do with an update.Fair warning that raiding, both learning fights and the drama the inevitably happens, has left me a little brain dead recently. I'm also pretty new to setting up plots and the like due in part to a lot of people flaking out before I got anywhere. Everybody wants to do quick in-game stuff in the MMO the setting is from instead of Discord. Who could've guessed? Lol

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Another Discord RPer here that tends toward long character development arcs and descriptive posts rather than quick in-game events. Links in my signature (thanks for the idea, @Mermaid!). Feel free to PM me if you find anything of interest, or just want to plot out something new with me -- I also find the plotting is almost as much fun as the playing, but that doesn't mean I don't want to play or will flake out on you!

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Thanks for all the replies and PMs, everybody, I'm working on responding and reaching out to you all now

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