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mateus Uranami Onsen Heavensturn Celebration!

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January: Heavensturn Celebration
Date: Jan. 6th (Sunday)
Time: 6:00pm PST
Location: Mist: W15//P5


Each month the Onsen will be hosting special events on a Sunday once per month! During these events special cocktails, music (via spotify playlist), activities, etc. will be hosted! 

For our first special event; we will be hosting an outdoors festival for Heavensturn. 

Join us while we ring in the new year in our outdoor onsen! We will have four accessible outdoor hotsprings, open bar, seating for you to enjoy the yearly fireworks during the evening. If you are so inclined feel free to enjoy the evening at the private cliff-house beach below the onsen!

*Please note our indoors will be closed for this event but we will have changing rooms accessible. 

*Yugi or Swimwear is required.

!!! ~ * ~ Special Drink Menu ~ * ~ !!!
*Appetizers: Normal Snacks from our Main Menu. No full dishes.
(Can be found below)

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We're open!

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