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balmung Shy au ra new to the server looking for IC connections!

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Hello and well met;

greetings and well wishes~.


A long time roleplayer and writer here, attempting to spread her wings in a new server which I heard holds promise!
Truth be told, my character is rather adaptable and open minded and I am more than happy to meet everyone and anyone who might be interested in meeting a hushed and doll-like raen, new to the lands of Eorzea

I plan to have her grow into a more fleshed out character as I use her, so if anyone has the patience to guide her into -- anything really -- do feel free to approach. 


I hold basic knowledge that the Quicksand is a hub for like-minded roleplayers, and I will do what I can to pick through here to find interesting FCs or other places to meet.

However if any one knows of other places or just has some social groups for me to integrate into I would very much love to get more IC interaction.

If any one has any pointers or tips who would like to help ICly or OOCly, maybe both, the more the connections I find -- the merrier!


Both finding me in game as Hanako Yurei, and messaging me here are welcome.


I am really looking forward to see what this infamous server holds, so feel free to come say hello!


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Welcome to Balmung! 


Seeing as you already mentioned looking through the FCs posted here (and presumably Linkshells, as well), you're already doing my main suggestion for finding RP. 


I personally describe the Quicksand as the catch-all for all sorts of RP... and I do mean all sorts. So, there is certainly a chance that you'll find connections that you're looking for there, but I also know that a large handful of RPers tend to avoid the Quicksand because of the large variance in RP that can be found there. 


Either way, welcome to Balmung!

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Welcome to Balmung! If you ever see someone with a <LUXE> tag around, feel free to walk up! Our FC is super open to RP and I know I'd love to help you flesh things out of if you'd like! The Quicksand is the most populous place, but there's plenty of opportunities if you look for them :)

Again, welcome to the wild world of Balmung!

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung! :D I'm always glad to RP! You're welcome to check out my FC, Teatime--there is a link to more info in my signature! Even if we're not what you're looking for in an FC, we do have a Discord server that anyone is welcome to join if you're looking for some more connections on the server.

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Welcome to Balmung! I think I saw you out front of the Quicksand earlier while I was running around doing the last paladin quests. I hope you find exactly what you're looking for!

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