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Hello world!

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I'm super new to this but hope I can make a couple pals. Currently playing on Adamantoise, not sure where else to go from here, so uh...Hello!


MMORPG background

Surprisingly, I'm new to MMOs as a whole - I never got into them when I was younger despite a friend trying to get me into WoW - but nowadays, while I'm going through the Final Fantasy phase I should've gone through years ago, I've decided to take a crack at XIV, and hopefully make a few RP pals while I'm at it! Please be nice, I have no idea what i'm doing. :'D


RP experience

I've been RPing on various sites for about eight or nine years, but never on MMORPGs.


Character ideas/info

Not 100% sure what I'll be doing I just wanted to play a catboy ;A;, but my RP character is named Jac'qal! He's a boy with a lot to hide. He's an ex-criminal attempting to turn his life around by becoming an adventurer. The main issue is that he still has a serious problem (read: obsession) with money, and for him, the prospect of an honest day's work tends to not be enough. He also really doesn't like being called a bandit - he was a loan shark, he'll have you know. And maybe he evaded local taxes, if those are a thing. And maybe he also sold some forged artifacts for ridiculous prices, and maybe he ran some cons along the line...Jac'qal's done everything under the sun that doesn't involve violent confrontation or actually breaking in.




Look at this handsome fella. I love him.


My ultimate goal is to turn him into a dragoon, as dragoons are my favorite class (and I do mean favorite, literally all my faves are dragoons) in the series. That makes his ultimate goal (and what he considers the peak of his atonement for ruining others' lives) is becoming one.


How did you learn about the coalition?

Google, plain and simple.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?

I'm a more casual sort who'll RP just about anything, though I'm extremely picky on both harder angst and romance. I've had those go...Very wrong in the past. That said, when I get into a heavy plot, I get really into it; the past few ones I've been in ended mostly because either I or my partner lost interest.


My point is, my dumb chimp ADHD brain can be fickle. I'd prefer lighter, more casual things until any sort of relationship (whether it be friends, enemies, or something else entirely) is established!


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?

Most of my time is spent working on fanfiction, particularly for FFXV, or spent writing campaigns for various tabletop RPGs. The last campaign I ran was an urban fantasy one, and despite the fact that it all fell through due to a player's busy schedule, it was a blast. Someday I hope to release a fully-fledged visual novel, though I haven't quite settled on which of my ideas I'd like to see realized just yet.


On a more serious note, I suffer from really bad anxiety, so if I'm slow to respond to anything, it's because I'm really nervous around new people, particularly when it's online. I also may have a spottier schedule in the near future due to both looking for work and upcoming college classes.


Looking forward to RP'ing with everyone!!! ❤️

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Hello and welcome! 


You didn't mention which server you are on, but given that we should be getting world visitation sometime next spring (hopefully), that's probably a moot point.


I highly recommend checking out the lore section on this site.  There's a lot written about Dragoons and whatnot.  It might be worth it to take a look. :)

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ADHD and anxiety? I know how that feels. They're both reasons that make me freak out when it comes to RPing in game.


"This person can see me moving. It's like they're staring at me waiting for me to type! Aaa!"

"I type so slow. What if i can't focus well enough on top of that?!"


You get the idea.


Since Liadan pointed out the World Visit I feel like maybe I should mention that Adamantoise will be on the Aether data center after the redistribution. The largest population of RPers are on Balmung and Mateus which will be on the Crystal data center. Aether does have smaller RP communities on Gilgamesh and Jenova that you'll be able to interact with after they implement the World Visit system. It might be a little hard to find RP until then.

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