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New to both FF14 and RP, hello!

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Hello all! Fledgling RPer here who decided to throw his hat into the ring, so to speak. I'm not sure what to say so.. Uh.. Have this:

  • Male, mid-20s
  • Stay at home Dad
  • Light RP experience (Beginner/somewhat advanced) from Discord and Tumblr
  • Gamer for years, mostly RPGs and Shooters
  • Also do Costuming and Larp
  • Mateus
  • Really anxious and Shy but lovable
  • Roleplaying a Half-Roe Engineer/Swordsman (Not Samurai PER SAY) who is a flirty smartass and overall just lovable jackass.
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Welcome to FFXIV, and Materus as well!

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Welcome, I hope you have fun! Your character sounds amusing, I'm sure you'll find some great folks to rp with!

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