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Pretty straightforward honestly, I was curious if anyone had any lore dumps on Alchemy and how its handled in the game/what most people use it for/its practical uses, in general,/how it is performed. Because I know what ALchemy was originally used for in reality, but considering the crafts in the game, it seems to lean more towards our Chemistry?(Or maybe its 2 am and I'm overthinking this). Either way, I just want a giant lore dump on Alchemist and Alchemy but I can't seem to find something, I could just not be looking in the right places though. Any help is greatly appreciated while I level this bad boy up and read what I can find from there. Thank you to anyone with knowledge in advance < 3 

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Deitrich: "Though I hesitate to define alchemy in such narrow terms, our main field of expertise is the concoction of various potions and elixirs. There are salves to treat all manner of afflictions, not to mention miraculous libations that enhance the imbiber beyond her natural physical limits. Though alchemists are presently known as the quintessential brewers of potions, the profession itself arose from the desire to achieve an as-yet-unrealized ambition. The original driving purpose behind our art was─and perhaps still is─the discovery of a process that can transform base metals into gold or silver. And the mystical medium thought necessary to effect such a transformation is the Philosopher's Stone─which is itself believed to have panacean properties and be capable of bestowing eternal life. Though success yet eludes us, years of endless experimentation towards this golden goal had the initially unintentional consequence of unearthing a wealth of knowledge in the field of alchemical medicine.

Regretfully, alchemy's potential to enrich the lives of the masses was first met with a wave of distrust. As if our ability to create helpful compounds was akin to dabbling in back-alley witchcraft! The profession eventually gained credibility in Ul'dah through its integration into traditional medicine by Frondale's Phrontistery, an institution known for producing respected physicians. Once the city's shift in perception became known, budding alchemists wishing to study without fear of persecution journeyed to Ul'dah from every corner of the realm. It was not long before this gathering of inquisitive minds banded together to form the Alchemists' Guild. Thus, while our organization is intensely focused on perfecting and sharing the fruits of our research, it is also of paramount importance that we uphold the reputation of alchemy itself as a legitimate discipline."


Encyclopedia Eorzea - The Alchemists' Guild: "A mystical medium that can transform base metals into gold or silver, cure all ills and grant the bearer life eternal - such is the Philosopher's Stone, the fevered dream of alchemists throughout time. To attain their prize, practitioners conducted all manner of queer and unnatural experiments, and accordingly, were long abhorred as madmen - their art scorned as lunacy. The profession eventually gained credibility through its integration into traditional medicine by Frondale's Phrontistery. Thereafter, alchemists flocked to Ul'dah, a place where they might do what research they please without the fear of persecution, and eventually founded the Alchemists' Guild to share their findings."


Lodestone: "Masters of Science and Nature, the devilish and the divine, alchemists ensure their livelihood through the transmogrification of mundane materials into wondrous waters─from curative concoctions to potent potables. The Ul'dahn school only recently came to be recognized in scientific circles as a valid branch of alchemical orthodoxy. It is based on fundamental principles originating in the Near East tradition, but draws heavily upon esoteric elements of both Lalafellin herbalism and Miqo'te occultism as well."


Yamabuki: "Incurable? I cannot imagine the burden of bearing an ailment for life. Very well, I will make my way to the port to pick up my cargo. Tell Yamabiko to expect me. There are rare natural remedies the likes of which can only be found in Koshu. Without a stock of them, the mercantile trade in Radz-at-Han would be up in arms. The alchemists there are among the finest in the world, and have an unmatched penchant for quality."


Magic Beans: "Being from Thavnair, where alchemy is second nature, I vastly underestimated the wonder with which the Easterners would regard our reagent growth agents, and sold out of the stuff in a flash of phosphor. A worthy reward awaits the alchemist who can help my fortunes grow."


Jemimi: “An alchemist is a crafter of potions and potations, medicines and medicaments; a master of extracting and decocting, transforming and transmuting.”


Severian: "Now, each alchemist's aether has a unique color. When drawing geometries with enchanted ink, this hue is passed to the pages of a grimoire.

There has never been a way to detect the shade of this aetherial signature. Until now, that is. I have a powder that renders this color visible to the naked eye. If my aether is purple, then sprinkling the dust over a grimoire I made will reveal the same shade of purple. I call it spectrolium, and I daresay this invention of mine will be sufficient to prove who crafted that copy of Noble Gold. Here is an onze. Take it to Wiltwaek."


Riches’ Brew: “I need hardly tell you that alchemy remains a major industry for Ul'dah; potions are now one of our top exports. The exact economics may be beyond your capacity to understand—I intend no offense—but suffice to say that the dragon wars in Ishgard have been very… good to us.”


Nogeloix: “Good evening to you, sir, and welcome to Frondale’s Phrontistery. You will find the finest alchemists and healers in Eorzea within these halls. Our treatments are second to none. While I have your attention, I would like to warn you that remedies of dubious utility are rampant on the streets of Ul'dah of late, peddled by swindlers who seek to profit from the spreading fear over the lesser moon.”


Nogeloix: “Greetings, and welcome to Frondale’s Phrontistery. How may I direct you? If it is enrollment you seek, allow me to set your mind at ease. I can see you are an adventurer. As such, you may matriculate at any time of year. You needn’t even produce a reference. The wealth of knowledge that you and your brethren acquire on your travels is of incomparable value to us. So…do you wish to play a part in the advancement of the alchemical field? Very well, let us start at the beginning - with the questions most frequently asked. Here at Frondale’s Phrontistery, we employ equal numbers of male and female alchemists. Many adventurers are discouraged when they learn of this, for what reason I know not. The same balance governs our patients - old and young, male and female. For in the development of new medicines, a broad yet balanced set of test subjects is required.”


Encyclopedia Eorzea - Frondale’s Phrontistery: “Though Frondale’s Phrontistery began as means of training palace physicians, it has since grown to house seven different faculties of medicine, ranging from the traditional to the alchemical and beyond. The Phrontistery also operates an infirmary, though the care it offers is a luxury only the wealthiest can afford.”


Severian: "Our guild received a summons to action from Ul'dah's own Brass Blades. They ask that we come to conduct an autopsy beyond the city walls, and claim the subject is a most curious corpse. Surely it is no more than the miserable husk of some impoverished pleb, or some glorious gangrenous rot. Even so, our simpleton guildkeeper took on the task, and so now I must investigate. There is a Brass Blade stationed before Erralig's Burial Chamber who knows more. Go to him."


The Writing Is Not On The Wall: "Soot and wine make a fine dark ink─as easily read by foes as by friends. Those in the trade speak of many kinds of vanishing ink─discerning ink, timorous ink, mistrustful ink, ink most misanthropic. Alchemists well versed in all these and more are sought."


You Cannot Kill the Metal: "With assistance from the Alchemists' Guild, Amajina & Sons have discovered a new method of extracting the small traces of metal from low-grade ore containing high quantities of impurities. This method requires feeding coblyns ore and then waiting for the creatures' bodies to pass the impurities. Once the impurities have left its body, the coblyn is thrown into a forge where the body is burned away, leaving only pure metal─the only drawback being the coblyn is lost in the process. And thus, the Mineral Concern is seeking adventurers to pacify and capture living coblyns, and will pay for each one delivered."



You can learn more about Frondale's Phrontistery here! Hope this helps!

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Sounsyy you are a godsend thankyou so much! Anything is better then nothing and I'll be reading through this intently~ 

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