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Iverault Lachaunt

mateus New to Server; Looking for FC and LS's

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Greetings and Salutations!


The New Year brought me back to XIV as well as a transfer to Mateus. I've been looking around and conducting my own research to find Linkshells/FCs/Discord Servers/etc. to continue my RP career here on the Mateus server. Any assistance or guidance would be very much welcomed.


About My Character:

The Elezen Sellsword was born to the nation of Ishgard. The man was raised in a military family with his father groom him and his brothers to take up arms in the Temple Knights. After a compromising circumstance, his faith in the Holy See and the Temple Knights vanished; leaving the Elezen questioning his own morality, but soon found his own uncompromising code to follow by.

At first glance, The Elezen Sellsword comes off as an intimidating figure due to the stern expression always upon his face and the scars which are found across his face. The truth is that the Elezen Sellsword is simply stoic by nature. He is reserved and pragmatic; only showing heavy emotion in trying situations which require a more unleashed personality.



Lawful Neutral


RP Style




Thank you, and have a good day!


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