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Fjolnir Strongblade

Somewhat new to FFXIV, Very old to RP!

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Hello!  I recently returned to the game after exploring avenues for MMOs that don't really seem to hold a candle to what FFXIV was.   I've moved from Balmung to Mateus however to play with friends and start a FC, and hopefully get involved in actually writing again!  The only issue is that I'm detrimentally bashful.

My main characters are as follows!

Fjolnir Strongblade: A former refugee and Ala Mhigan loyalist.  He is the current FC Leader and bases its structure and purpose on a promise he had made his father before he had passed.  He also may or may not have an unhealthy adoration of Raubahn.

Dacien Lothaire:  Ishgardian from one of the lower houses, he states the reason as to why he fled was because his family was wanting to marry a woman who he believed had devious ulterior motives.  


Nanamuko Hahamuko: Sultansworn and old man lalafell, he worked under concealment for the Sultana and his organization and did it well.  While he tells his wife that he is retired, he most certainly is not.  He currently holds sway within Fjolnir's Free Company simply because of the connection in Fjolnir's not so distant youth.


Wrathful Bear: He is a samurai.  He's also a Hellsguard roegadyn.  He's also an old man.  He's pretty great though and I love him.  (His attitude and mannerisms are based off of Benkei from various Kabuki performances)

Not So Main but still loved characters:

P'abati Hiqoh
Chagur Dotharl
Connor Worthshire



All in all I am tremendously shy and I usually rationalize myself out of doing walk-ups or attending events.  If you see any one of these three characters, however, please don't hesitate to give me a wave or prod me for RP!  I'm usually always happy to chat or otherwise! You can also find us at Ward 5, Plot 51, our FC is The Unsung Heroes! (Don't mind the mess, it's under construction.  TuT

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Hello! Welcome! I like the variety of your characters, they all seem pretty interesting! I hope you have fun and if you ever see me in game feel free to poke me, too :)!

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