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balmung The New Dawn [ND-RP]

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The New Dawn

“In a world full of darkness, hope is still seeing the light amidst it.”


War has displaced many across the land, in Eorzea and beyond. Families and homes have been destroyed. Crime runs rampant throughout so much of the world, and enslaves those who seem to have no other options. The evils of the world profit from the war, and trample any others underfoot. In such times, many feel as if they have nowhere to turn, and nowhere to hide from what plagues them.


The sanctuary of the New Dawn strives to change that.


Overseen by Ahzra’li Lhomi and his partner, Marcus Feral, the New Dawn is a shelter for those who need to recover from their traumas or hide away from greater powers that wish to hurt them. There, people will find protection, comfort, medical care, and those who wish to help find resolution to problems, no matter what form they come in. There is strength in numbers, and strength in togetherness.




The New Dawn is a heavy RP Free Company on the Balmung server of FFXIV, focused on characters who are being hunted, recovering from traumas, and adventurers and healers who wish to help them. Outside of roleplay, we strive to be a close-knit, welcoming, and relaxed community for our members and friends.


Our goal is to provide a place for roleplayers to come and tell their stories; we encourage all of our members to bring their own personal plots and explore them with us. While we are not a traditional adventuring Free Company, through our members’ personal stories, characters will have the opportunity to venture out into the world of Eorzea and face dangers, intrigue, and evils in the field.


While roleplay is the central focus of our FC, our members enjoy spending time with each other out of character, as well. We have an active discord to keep in touch and roleplay on when we can't otherwise be in game. We regularly run FFXIV content (including dungeons, raiding, maps, mount farming), and run other RP events such as a bi-weekly tavern and a small Garlean group. We also join each other for other games, such as Overwatch, Armello, and online Cards Against Humanity. We even work on art together through screensharing! We are a group that loves to be together, and want to expand this circle to make new friends.


What kinds of characters we are looking for:

  • Characters needing a place to recover from traumas.
  • Characters with a few screws loose.
  • Characters who need a place to hide from those who want to do harm to them.
  • Good-aligned, martial-focused characters willing to guard the sanctuary and go afield to combat any dangers to their charges.
  • Healers and physicians who would like to tend to the sanctuary’s infirmary.


The New Dawn is lore-strict in terms of capabilities and backgrounds of our characters. We do not tolerate characters who are blatantly written to be unrealistic in terms of combat capabilities, magic, or other abilities.



What kinds of players we are looking for:

  • Mature, friendly, relaxed – We are run by players who all understand that real life can be hectic. We have jobs, families, and other obligations. No one should ever feel obligated to play a game. We want to be here for you to have fun and relax.
  • 18+. Due to the nature of our roleplay, which often encompasses dark and mature themes, we are accepting 18+ players only.
  • Storytellers – The New Dawn is designed to be a platform and community for you to tell your story, and to take part in other peoples’. While the officers will occasionally run storylines of their own, The New Dawn’s content will be largely made up of what our members put into it. We encourage ALL of our members to occasionally run storylines.
  • Strong command of grammar – Because of our heavy RP tags and focus on storytelling, we encourage our members to be as grammatically correct as they are able to be. While we all occasionally misspell a word, we would like to see some effort placed in the writing of their emotes (such as capitalization, punctuation, and brackets to indicate an OOC comment).
  • LGBT+ Friendly – It goes without saying, but The New Dawn is LGBT+ friendly. Many of our characters fall within this, also!


The New Dawn is a small group, and we will be likely to stay that way to focus on the relationships and growth between our characters. Our group has been together for several years prior to starting this Free Company, and we will not be going anywhere.  We are active throughout the year, and are always looking for new roleplay to explore.


How to join:

Interested in joining? We have a brief application to be filled out here. After filling out the application, one of the officers will contact you to go over any questions or concerns you may have, and then offer you an invitation to our Free Company. New recruits will be placed at a trial rank for two weeks so they can try out our group and determine if we are a good fit for them. If all is well in two weeks, we will promote the recruit to a full member!




For any additional information or questions, feel free to contact our officers in game (As Ahzra'li Lhomi or Marcus Feral). You can also contact us on discord at any time of the day (Atanamir#8894 or Sephirah#3362). For even more information, you can take a look at our site here. Our Free Company hall is located in the Lavender Beds - Ward 1, Plot 38. Feel free to stop in any time!

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The New Dawn is happy to welcome L’hati Tia to full membership!  We love our precious baby boy, and will protect him from the world.


To our trial memberships, we’d like to welcome our beautiful Roegadyn, Happy Medium, the curious case of Cecyl Kiniko, the edgy Kaza’tan Zenku, his leading lady, Reiko Minari, and our lovely tribal, Narengawa Himaa. We hope to get to know all of you as you settle in with us!


We are still looking for some more friendly, relaxed RPers to come join our family. Currently, we would like to focus on bringing in more for the Shadewalker role: Characters who are being actively hunted, are dealing with traumas, or otherwise need protection. This being said, we will still consider all applications, though we would love to see more of these kinds of characters.


For information on joining, please visit our site! We hope to hear from you soon!

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Here comes another bump. ❤️


I'd like to give a special welcome to our newest family member, Tertius! Garlean boys are the best boys. 👏


The New Dawn is still looking for new, friendly faces to settle in with us before Shadowbringers arrives! We would love to see more people in need of aid and shelter, but guards, healers, and therapists are all more than welcome to come and RP with us. If you're not on Balmung, that's okay! Come by to RP with us at our sanctuary - Lavender Beds Ward 1, Plot 38. We hope to hear from you!

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The New Dawn is still growing, and we'd love to see some new faces!


After some discussion, we are currently considering a rank for characters on other servers. We understand that Balmung is a difficult server to get onto, and are currently looking into how to allow characters on other servers to communicate with us and roleplay with us via world visits and cross-world linkshells. If you think your character fits what we're looking for, get in contact with us!


If you have any questions, please contact me on discord, Atanamir#8894.

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The New Dawn is getting ready and hyped for the expansion! In the meantime, there is plenty of RP to be had at our sanctuary. For an idea of our current happenings, please see the blog post here.


We are still recruiting, as well! If you're interested in joining our mostly Keeper boy family, you can put in an application here. We are and always will be a small, family-like Free Company, so we are only going to be accepting a few more members before we close recruitment.


Please contact me on discord at Atanamir#8894 if you'd like any more information!

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The New Dawn is still looking for a few more faces! We'd like to focus on those interested in the Shadewalker role (patients, characters in need of a place to hide), but we will consider more guards if they look like a good fit for us! Keep in mind that we are a heavily good-aligned Free Company, and characters who are of a more morally grey quality will have a more difficult time trying to find a way to fit.


For our current updates, check out our blog!


For any questions that our site can't provide, feel free to contact me on discord: Atanamir#8894. We hope to hear from you soon!

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The New Dawn is going strong! We have gotten some amazing roleplayers, and more importantly, wonderful people to join our family. The Company is getting to a comfortable number, and we are likely to be pausing recruitment soon for the time. For now, if any others are interest, please head over to our site to check out what we are about, and apply from there. We will be accepting no more than 2 more members before we close recruitment.


Our RP is going strong, and we have a PACKED schedule! To get an idea of our stories and current events, take a look at our blog.


As always, I am available on discord if there is any questions that our site can't provide. DM me at: Atanamir#8894.

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It's been a bit since my last bump here, but the New Dawn has been flourishing with new friends, new RP storylines, and plenty of game content between the gaps. It's been busy in a good way, as we have all been having a lot of fun. For an idea of what is currently happening with our group, check out our blog here.


As things stand now, our recruitment is still open. We believe in quality over quantity, and although we have a good, active group, we will still be looking at applications and accepting those who would make a great fit for us, and us for them.  Currently, we are looking for more patients and tenants for the Sanctuary, those who are ill, hiding, or have trauma that makes it difficult for them to integrate with society comfortably.


As stated above, the New Dawn is a heavily good-aligned Free Company. We won't typically accept a character who has murder on their resume with the exception of those who have since changed their ways or are in the process of doing so. We love villains, and those who play villains well, but we are unfortunately not the correct environment for those kinds of characters.


My discord is always open for questions (as I don't check my messages on this site much). You can DM me any time at: Atanamir#8894. 

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