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Recently transferred to Mateus so like the title says I'm looking for a long term RP friend. I'm mostly light with my RP but would like to get into the Heavier side and yes I'm open minded with more MRP. So kind of need a teacher. 

I'm a male Miqo'te still figuring out my character and if you feel you might be a fit please feel free to suggest you and i's role (siblings, assistant, protector etc.) New people are welcome don't care what lvl you are so running content isn't a problem. Also I'm a very active player.

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Hello, I’m In Mateus as well transferred over with a few of my friends a few weeks ago. I would be honored if we could be long term rp buddies. My Character name is Orieo Dragon and she is a Au’Ra who comes from The Azim Steppe to figure out what her role in the world is, I was hoping maybe our roles could be protector and Chiefs daughter.


I am a PS4 user so my replies will be a bit slow do to typing the words out with a controller and I’ve been rping for about 9 years so I can help anytime if you need it.



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