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AZIM BOKH (Bi-Weekly Wrestling)

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AZIM BOKH What: Traditional Xaela 'fight club' When: Sunday, January 27th. We have moved to a bi-weekly scheduling! Server: MATEUS. Time: 6 EST (5 CST, 4 MST, 3 PST) Where: Mist Ward 12, along the beach with the tents when you first port into the ward. Any and all are welcome, not just the Xaela folk! Rules will be explained at the time of the event. Linkshell available! Get with me at the event or in DMs. Discord is also now available! Join us and chat with us!

The What?
Being a Xaela brings forth any unique things, and one of them is the traditional style of wrestling known as Bokh. Bokh is a style of wrestling that is both traditional and stamina based with beating your opponent without either of you touching the ground besides your own two feet. Azim Bokh has been running for quite a while now, recently moving to a Bi-weekly schedule to accommodate everyone.

The Who?
Bokh was 'founded' in a sense by Isei Arulaq, who upon coming to Eorzea felt rather out of place and still to this day does. Her decision to bring Bokh to the Eorzean world was to perhaps showcase a tradition that people not from her home area could experience as well as let her still experience some of her home traditions to prevent being homesick. 

The Where?
Due to the limited spaces Bokh could be hosted, a site was chosen to be at the Mist Ward 12. The event is featured at the beach where the benches are lined, pretty close to wherever a person may port into.

The When?

Azim Bokh happens Sundays on a bi-weeky basis. Currently it is started near or around 6EST. The next Bokh to happen going off the date of this post is January 27th, 2019.

Isei Arulaq (Discord: Bearpants#0463)
Sarangerel Qestir
Borteni Efriette

Linkshell and a Discord are available for those interested!



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