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The Enchanted Lotus <Lotus> [Now Hiring]

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FC Name : The Enchanted Lotus

FC Tag : <Lotus>
Leader : - Isamu Minakomori

Officers : - Kai Minakomori, Rikanik Gri'vani

FC Mansion : - Goblet W17  P30

Type of FC : - Roleplaying [Medium-Heavy RP] - Content [All] Active Time : - 5pm PST- Wee Hours [A few of us are on early in the day as well, feel free to msg us.] 

Alignment : - All 

Source Links : -  Discord/Linkshell upon request, Application: https://tinyurl.com/LotusApplication , Twitter: https://twitter.com/LotusEnchanted  , Tumblr: https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/, Rpc:


IC Background : -  So, you must be asking, what is the Enchanted Lotus? We are a family-founded, family-run Thavnarian Restaurant and Teahouse! The Lotus started as the fledgling dream of one man, but has since flourished into reality thanks to the help of many! 


OOC Background : - The Enchanted Lotus prides itself in being a welcoming community, and we accept people from any and all walks of life, including LGBTQ+ individuals! This applies both OOC and IC, so please do not be afraid to be yourself! 



Currently Looking For : All members of  all races, backgrounds and affiliations. Members to help staff and run events.



CONTACTS : - CookieBoi#9754, K i a n#7610 ,  Electric_rooster#2025


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