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Proud Dahlia

balmung [Balmung] Wealthy Roegadame Historian Seeking FC and Connections

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Greetings. I'm a returning player with a new character I would like to integrate into more story driven RP. I'm in particular looking for a suitable FC to do this with, but I'm looking for other contacts a well.

Proud Dahlia is the daughter of wealthy Ul'dahns who often grows bored with her life of privilege. A trained fencer, she often fights in various tournaments to entertain herself. When not doing that, she's a dilettante scholar of historian, particularly magical history. While the subject is a passion of hers, she  mainly pursues it as a means to explore and adventure. Her recent research into the history of Abanian red magic has led to her beginning to practice it herself.


Dahlia's a bit cocky and certainly lives up to the 'proud' part of her name. That said, she's not oblivious to the plight of those beneath her station and does what she can to help, donating any earnings from her prizefighting and adventures to help those less fortunate. Most recently she's been championing the restorations of Doma and Ala Mhigo as the war for their liberation draws to a close.

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