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[Cactuar/Mateus (?)] New to mmo rp

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Hello! My name is Deva and I've been an avid forum rper for a little over 13 years. It's a near and dear hobby to me but unfortunately the small forum community I was with is drifting apart and so thus I've begun a new search for more places to roleplay: namely ffxiv. 


Some more (in depth?) info using the welcome template!


MMORPG background: I've been playing MMORPGs for years, probably before I even really discovered roleplaying? (maybe? I can't quite recall which came first, lmao) but I've always been particularly bad at end-game material such as knowing which gear is best, running and profiting from the market, etc, knowing dungeon/raids/etc well. I play the game, have fun, then get confused on what I'm supposed to actually know at higher levels lmao. I'm also notoriously shy in mmorpgs (and that may contribute to my end-game floundering because no friends/guild/fc), for whatever reason I'm fine on forums, rl, but the second you drop me in an mmorpg I'm reluctant to talk. So to those in the future who I may be rping with— feel free to nudge me frequently, I may just be too shy to reach out myself. 


RP experience: Stated above I've been at it for 13 years, on forums and things like discord. Well versed in a lot of things (if not all) of that mentioned in the rp handbook. I suppose I'm simply new to the aspect of rping in a game  because I have (yet) to really witness it outside the tavern scenario. So I have a couple questions of myself: Is rping ingame similar to a forum? Just.. you're in the setting rather than describing it? (IE: Using the tavern scenario our characters sit and chat but in the end, I'm still just writing most of it, similarly to forum rp). Or do people actively quest/dungeon/etc while in-character? 


Character ideas/info: I know next to nothing about the FF franchise if I'm honest, I've glanced at streamers playing it, I'm familiar with the more popular characters but that's really the extent of it. I've been using a lot of the lore info gathered on this site and elsewhere to expand my xiv knowledge. But because the game is based off the original ff mmo game I sometimes feel a bit lost? Regardless! I'm still searching/reading/learning. Character wise I'm not entirely sure where I want to go, I had potential ideas of maybe an Ishgardian character but as I've yet to start/finish Heavensward (just finished ARR) I'm not 100% sure to start there is my best interest (yet).

I also get a bit conflicted with the usage of alts because the game lets you play whatever class you want, essentially, at any time it makes it difficult for me to really want to swap over to another character. (Especially since both characters I have/had in mind were primarily the healer type and it would be difficult for them and a bit ooc for them to sway outside of it). 


How did you learn about the coalition? Google! I've been snooping around tumblr and google looking for ffxiv rp since I know it exists. 


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) I'd say I'm a mix? It really depends on the day, honestly. Some days a more casual, light, rp suits me just fine and other times I'm more of a medium/heavy rper. But I suppose I'd stick myself into the heavy category only because I like the character/world building/relationship establishing and over all story I get to create with others. 


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I both work and go to college so sometimes my time is split between the two and it becomes difficult to muster the energy to respond to folks. Please know it's not because I'm ignoring but simply because I have run out of steam and need a hot minute to recharge.



Some other things is my main is on Cactuar but I'm very interested in hopping ship over to Mateus for this rp scene, I just haven't yet because I don't want to jump ship on a server where I'm playing with friends, to essentially end up making myself a loner with nobody on Mateus. So I suppose I am looking for rp partners/rp scene/fc/etc to establish here potentially before jumping ship to a new server.


I think that covers it? pmRqzak.png But nice to meet all of you and hopefully looking to rping with one another!

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Welcome. \o/


With the cross-server visiting thing that’s coming soon you might not need to leave Cactaur at all. I don’t think there’s much info on how it’s going to work yet, but hopefully it’ll mean that rpers playing on servers other than Mateus and Balmung will be able to visit to find RP when they want without having to move across.


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