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[Discord|Malboro] RP Partner, possible love interest

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Hello there, I'm looking for something a bit different. I'm mostly on Malboro playing but as soon as the new DC is online and the World Visit possible I will be able to be a bit more flexible with possible in game playing. :3 However I am searching for possible RP Partners, maybe even a long-term love interest for Tehleh'ya. 




For any Information on my RP Preferences please look up my Player Directory post. 


Character Information: 

Name: Tehleh'ya N'thix

Age: 25

Preference: Homosexual

Status: Single

Current Residence: The Mist (Appartement) / Limsa Lominsa


Hair: White with some red highlights in his bangs; his ears and tail are also white, almost silver

Eyes: Red brown, however he is blind on his right eye

Height: 5'7"

Build: Athletic; pale skin


  • gentle and caring
  • extrovert but sceptical of strangers at first
  • helping others in need
  • feisty and snarky at times 


Summary History: 

Please read up my refsheet for his past as it's a full developed backstory for him. => Refsheet


Possible RP Hooks:


  • He works as a fisher in and around Limsa, so he meets a lot of people and adventurers from other worlds. (This is actually more something for a light story)
  • He often takes on requests, even more when he starts his arcanist apprenticeship. One day he has to do a request with someone together, despite that he usually does it alone. He is not against strangers, but he got a lot more sceptical about them. A possibillity would even be an Au Ra who shows him that not all of them are like the dark knight he has met (but Elezen/Hyur are also possible - this is more mild-heavy story based)
  • Actually taking on the dark knight he once met. Why he killed his sister is all up to you, but would need a very good story. Enemies to friends to lovers. (This is definitely heavy paragraphs)


Drop me a PM if you are interested and we can talk about possible RPs or interests. 


kgNfysS.png ij0trx2.png EzfmnFG.png

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Hey I'd be interested in rping. You can shoot me a message on discord Chrome#2671

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