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Possible race swap, seeking animation videos /customization

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So I've been away from the game for a fair bit. The urge usually shows up to return to FFXIV when I find myself without a MMO. My husband is even on board for re-subbing to the game with the enticement of blue mage and the talk of Vera around the corner. So with that thought in mind he was debating on swapping over to a viera female for his character (we don't have a lot of time to worry about multiple characters so before someone suggests make a new one). not to mention that during my time away .. where I was in the middle of revamping my wiki back when I was active.. well we'll just say a drive crash and most if not all of my character history was gone.. so swapping to a new name/race/gender isn't as painful as it would have been in the past.. 


Given I have every intention to get back into art again I figured I could go back to playing a male character for the 100% legit excuse of drawing couple art again.. heh. I only did that for a year when FF re-released so why not. My biggest halt in the idea is how attached I am to my current model being a elezen duskwight female.. I presently don't have a sub to the game but I wanted to look into some things while I waited to see what exactly my husband wanted to re-sub (he's been busy with work so I can understand waiting).

My first go to was just swapping back to a male elezen duskie.. cause honest my character in all of these years has never been anything but a duskie save that one time I had a 2nd character that was a lala. My second thought was on a male Au Ra. My husband plays one of these now but being a caster the animations are pretty different from what I would end up seeing more often then not (I mainly play tank/melee).

So I was curious if anyone had links to visual guides for combat animations, I'm sure finding customization videos are easy enough. Not that this swap is set in stone but eh.. may as well be prepared instead of sitting there for hours trying to debate something only to hate it. 


(sorry if this is in the wrong place.. I've been gone a heck of a while and the whole forum changed in layout haha, I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the character workshop as I don't really need lore help or writing help..)

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Raid videos on youtube (or twitch streams) would probably give you the best shot of seeing some battle animations. If you're just looking for -currently available- customizations, the stormblood benchmark may suit your needs! An updated one for 5.0 is expected to drop some time after the Tokyo Fan Fest in late March, but we don't know exactly when. It should feature Viera in it too!


For the most part, animations between classes are all about the same, with more of the changes being emotes or for height difference. (See /pet on a lalafell vs /pet a hyur/elezen/roegadyn etc). A few change based on gender, like the battle weapon pose.


If you're looking for more emote/animation testing before re-subbing, there's also trial accounts, which no longer have a time limit. (So they're good for say, character creator stuff beyond what the benchmarks could handle, but will lack gear and expansion content). 

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Oh shoot I forgot about the benchmark heh. 


I know I watched the Viera clips out, but the whole tease on if they could be male or not (not personally attached to the race but if my husband want's to be a amazon bunny girl. Eh I'm in heavy armor all the time anyway so a race change isn't effecting my cosmetics over all xP). 

I didn't think the trial would have all of the races? Unless they changed it or I just assumed wrong. I figured the Au Ra wouldn't be in the trial.But yeah emotes were a bit of a factor.. I know all of the elezen males cause.. well playing one for beta and the following year I'm pretty sure I remember most of them haha. 

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Correct, Au Ra wouldn't be in the trial. :< ...just the base race options, although you could possibly find a player on an open server to do some emotes for you for testing!


The benchmark should have a few, but they'll mostly be the same scripted benchmark run throughs. I think a couple options for the voices will trigger some of the emotes.

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I may try that, not sure anyone really sits down to making and recording emote videos heh so borrowing someone would be a faster/better bet anyway haha. Thank you very much~ ^^


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(edited for typos and to finish my thought.. was dealing with the phone.. x.x)

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