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Yvonne Maeda

Returning player in need of some connections/Friends

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first off would like to start by saying that i'm not new to FFXIV, I tend to rotate between games and have always found it difficult to stick with the game because I don't really know anyone else that plays it now. I'm looking for someone who would be interested in a relatively longterm status of RP partners on Balmung, I have a Miqote and will at some point be making an Au Ra and Viera when those are released with Shadowbringers. 


My timezone is in CST and I tend to play in Evenings most days, Discord is also my primary means of communication cross-platform I have it on my phone to so even if I'm at work I'm still reachable, though not always available for RP in that case. I work part time and my shifts are usually just 1st, save for weekends when I am needed on Sat/Sunday afternoons, if anyone feels like their schedule would match with mine and wants to plot things let me know..


Queen#7350 is my Discord handle. 

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