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My Kugane Viera. How would I make this work?

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So... with the Viera confirmed, I started to try adn think and work on my Viera's backstory, at least a little bit for now.
The idea is that she is a Viera who was raised from kithood(? babyhood? Childhood? Puphood? Basically since shortly after birth) in Kugane, or in Doma in general. While that's all well and good, I'm still struggling to figure out just HOW this would've happened.

I can't seem to figure out a 'This is how it happened', in terms of logistics. Rough idea is that she was heavily sheltered and never went very far beyond Kugane, IF at all. Does anyone have suggestions or is willing to help me with this?
I'm also struggling to determine what her motivation would be to actually LEAVE and start adventuring. Along with HOW she'd get this motivation.

I don't suppose I could get a bit of help with this? Brainfarts are happening that prevent me from figuring these out!

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Ingame lore from the Ivalice raid series:





Now consider the following:

Your mother may have been traveling, and stopped in Kugane or Doma to give birth. When was this? What happened to her? Where is she? Was she exiled by her tribe?

How old is your toon? Doma was annexed by the XIIth Legion in 1552. How would this have affected her growing up?


Kugane is a fantasy analogue for Dejima during Japan's isolationist period. Even as a trading hub, a viera would be a relatively rare sight, moreso one growing up and living there. How did she cope with this? By heavily sheltered and limited travel, do you mean that she had protection from an adopted family? Was she raised in a traditionalist manner, with little idea of her heritage? Did she grow up poor, or is she well-off?

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Far eastern hyur: 50%

Far eastern roegadyn: 15%

Au ra  raen: 10%

Other: 25%



Far eastern hyur: 60%

Far eastern roegadyn: 20%

Au ra raen: 10%

Other: 10%



Make of it what you will. 


Kugane is a trade city of commerce that is the only window between the nation of Hingashi and the rest of the world. It's literally bubbling with countless races and nations living together with hingan local customs. The port and docks are probably the best way to get opportunities to hear and see about the outside world for anyone being raised in that city, or at least in the foreign district (what we have ingame in front of the huge city gates proper). 


You can also imagine a lot of different jobs having to do with all the commerce happening around, and who could shelter your character, teach her their trade (or not), etc.

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Pretty much as Valence said.

Viera females, according to the lore we learned from the raid, didn't have much interaction with the males. It's very likely your viera's mother could have left to explore the world while pregnant after an encounter with a male and settled in Kugane prior to her birth. The rest from there you can spin how you will.

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