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Goblin Randall

Rusty return to FFXIV. [Mateus]

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Hello! I'm Randall, but you can call me Randal. I've been playing FFXIV on and off, and decided to come back and take a swing at RPing again.

I've RP'd before in FFXIV, but it's been a while and I'm getting used to everything. I'm interested in anything to be honest. Mature and dark storylines, or something short lived and lighthearted, I'm willing to try it all. I do have a couple of plots in mind that are in the works. As well as some key character moments I would love to play out. Just shoot me a message, or a tell whenever.

Here's one my boys that I'm playing now; Ragada Navorin. A travelling merchant that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He's got a thirst for booze, money, and pretty faces. A quite charming man that tries to swoon the heart of everyone he meets. From how he walks and talks, you would never guess this man came from nothing. Under his alluring and captivating personality, is a cold sociopathic manipulator, bending whoever to his whim. There are few who know of Ragada's true persona, as he has moments of vulnerability, cracking under pressure.


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Welcome back, Rusty Randall! I just returned myself after a nearly 2 year absence. I hope you enjoy your return as much as I have.

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