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balmung The Darklight Coven <DL-RP>

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The Darklight Coven



The Lore
Koko is the founder and the leader of the Darklight Coven, a group she formed with her close friends in order to create a safe place where aspiring acolytes and disciples can harness their arcane powers and use their abilities for good. She has turned her bookstore into a place of learning for all who wish to discover and understand the teachings she has brought with her from traversing the realm Koko and her friends named the coven Darklight as to reference not only the Umbral and the Astral planes, but to hearken back to the War of the Magi. It's her hope that this reminder will allow those who learn from the coven to use whatever magic spells they are taught to protect and save Eorzea from those that would harm Her, rather than use magic irresponsibly. Even without magic, those who share in the vision of a peaceful Eorzea are welcome and encouraged to join and contribute. Soldiers, bodyguards, mercenaries and more are welcome into the coven.  Darklight is not a strictly magic-oriented coven.

A Brand New RP FC
I created this FC only recently so that I may foster a community of other like-minded roleplayers and have a fun time within FFXIV. It is my first time running a company, but I am dedicating myself fully to this endeavor. As a player with 9k+ hours on FFXIV, I truly love the game and don't plan on leaving anytime soon and I have been roleplaying even before having joined the MMORPG. I have decided finally that now the time is right to take the plunge and with a small house and the discord server I created, I am confident in making a new company that will have meaningful, impactful, and fun roleplay for all involved.

Seeking Recruits
This RP-FC has a neutral good alignment. It's a coven of mages seeking to learn from one another in order to protect Eorzea and make everyone safer. So if you are an aspiring mage seeking education, want to be a hero, a teacher, a student, a bodyguard, or perhaps just a stranger who wishes to bring peace to Eorzea, then you will fit right in. I want to establish a loving community, a close-knit circle of friends who wish to make Eorzea safer for all. For the most part, this is a casual RP FC, laidback calm and chill.

A New Adventure Awaits
A discord server has already been created with the essentials in place. If you have any questions or concerns and you want to get in contact or are interested in joining, please join our discord server here or you can add me personally, Koko#1521. I plan to change that and allow our FC to blossom and bloom into something bigger. We also have a small house for RP needs, the coven's bookstore. The only thing I ask upfront is that you are 18 years of age or older in real life.

Even if you don't want to RP at all, you are more than welcome to join the discord for discussion about FFXIV or other video games.
I believe in my ability to make a fun and happy roleplaying community.

We are allied with another larger FC, ensuring we will have rp events for those interested in helping us grow.

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