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Hello! love to make connections!

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Hi everyone! I stumbled across this website and remembered I have an account from forever ago. Apparently I even posted art back in '13? Decided to give this another shot.


So, hey! I'm Sue. You can normally find me around the internet world as SueDraws, though an older alias was Lady Kaguya. I enjoy drawing, music, and staying a bit too busy with my irl jobs and responsibilities. Such is life. You can find my artwork via http://suedraws.com or my carrd website which compiles most everything


I was around pre-ARR and since then have been a bit off and on. I absolutely love the game and I've been a fan of Final Fantasy since about...2005 I guess? I guess it does reflect poorly that I'm one of those folks that will play for a few months, disappear for a few months...rinse, repeat. I'd honestly would like to have more stability. I think a good place to start would be to find a good group, whether that's a linkshelll, discord, or FC. I'm currently residing in Goblin, but I'm thinking about moving or putting some alts somewhere else. But I guess with the Crystal data center, that won't be as vital?


I'll be honest, my main game is normally Guild Wars 2. It's a comfort zone of mine, likely because I'm long time established and doesn't require a sub. I don't really like to compare the two tho, both are amazing games and I've met great people! But it would be nice if I played other games too. XD


So yeah, I'd love to make connections. Maybe find some people to mentor me a bit. I suppose my biggest downfall is I love having alts, and it's frustrating (for me personally) that XIV isn't as friendly toward that play-style. )': Because of that, I'm a bit of a slow player--my goals are mostly to have fun, RP, and related---not necessarily jump to end game.


Anyhow, sorry for the long message--I can be a bit of a rambler, heh. But yeah! Thanks for hearing me out! Hope to hear from people! Cheers!



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Hey there! I'm also on Goblin, and am around fairly regularly--if work doesn't get in the way. I also have a lot of alts.... so I feel your frustration. It's hard trying to pay attention to them all.  If you ever want to discuss RP scenarios or hang out in game, feel free to shoot me a message!

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I too am on Goblin! I'm also brand new to the site and still getting a feel for things, looking forward to getting some role playing done finally!

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