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Back Once Again

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Hey everyone. It's been a long time, but I'm finally back on FFXIV. I'm not sure if anyone I knew from the founding of RPC is still around, but if so, I hope to see you all here. Tadir has been moved over to leviathan to play with rl friends, but I'm trying to create a new character on one of the RP servers. What server are most people playing on these days, and is it possible to create characters on that server? Once I find a server, I'm looking for a decent rp guild. I've been involved with this game since beta and have been rping the whole time. Any suggestions on servers/guilds I should be keeping my eye on?


Tadir West

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Hey there, Tadir! Sorry I'm not one of your buddies from way back when; I just started playing, in fact.


Buuuuut from what I've learned so far, Balmung is the main RP server (but is overpopulated and is perpetually closed until maybe the release of Shadowbringers).


Meanwhile, Mateus is what one of my friends calls "Balmung 2.0"--as it has a pretty large and noticeable RP presence. According to the SE server updates, Mateus is still considered a "standard world", but it gets temporarily locked for new character-creation from time to time. Best to check every three hours.


I hear that Gilgamesh used to be pretty big on RP, but is less so now, and that there's a small, close-knit RP community on Coeurl. As for the EU servers, I hear Omega is the unofficial RP one.


Hope this helps! If you end up making a toon on Mateus, look me up :) I'm a pretty heavy RPer myself.


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wb \o in a few weeks' time when crossworld visiting goes live, crystal will become the de facto RP datacenter, as it includes the worlds listed below:


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Totally forgot all my characters have at least two Fantasias laying around. I used one last night on a Balmung alt to get Tadir's look back. I'll be name changing him to the correct name tonight. Tadir West is back on Balmung. Now to find people to play with. ^__^

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