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Crafting/Disciples of the Hand Lore?

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I was actually surprised for once not to find something listed up in the Sounsyy compendium thread. 


Does anyone have any lore (or has there been any lore dumps) on the Disciples of the Hand and Crafting in Eorzea? Is it magic and doesn't take much time to do? (e.g. uses crystals to expedite the process?) or is it something that takes a long time to master and learn, and it can take days to weeks to make a sword like in real life? 

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Crystals and shards are usually used more widely in Eorzea as an energy source doing specific things depending on its aspect. Fire shards will heat, ice shards will cool things, etc. They're not only used by crafters and artisans, but for pretty much everything in every day's life. This is why city states need them so much and had to trade them for other goods with beast tribes, that don't use them a lot (except now they don't want to trade anymore, they actually need them for summoning their primals).


You might find actually more info in there

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