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mateus [Mateus] The Bone Orchard <Ashen>

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Free Company Name: The Bone Orchard
Free Company Tag: <<Ashen>>

Leader: Genixma Fukkatsu

Officer(s): Q'ruhka Tia

Type of Roleplay: Dark | Mature | Gritty | Supernatural | Adventuring

Sub-Type: Casual | Starting Up | Original Lore | Occult

Eventual Aim: Militant or Mercenary

Alignment: Grey

Recruitment Status: Open

Discord: Upon Recruitment

Location In Game:
Gridanian Base of Operations: The Amber Lantern: Lavender Beds - Ward 20, Plot 30

Limsan Tavern of Operations: The Hollow's Sanctuary: The Mists - Ward 20, Plot 14


Long ago, betwix the Third Umbral Era of Fire and the Fourth Umbral Era of Earth. There was a religious tribe of nomads traveling across the realm. Living their life on the fringes of civilizations, twas a grim journey. As their founder and soothsayer had grown eld and ill under the strain of life. Upon her death bed, she witnessed a macabre vision. Within it held the future of her followers and the tribes for many, many eras to come. The Soothsayer witnessed a vision of a great orchard made not for apple or citrus or produce of any kind. But, of bone, the soil fertilized with the carcass of their enemies. As well as, with the fallen of their own tribes, the orchard lined with many a white oak made of ossain carapace. Drinking deep the dead and the rotting, the putrid wasteland feeding this Bone Orchard.


To accompany this morbid sight was two armies gathering on either side of the Bone Orchard. On one side were men of the Sand, the Wood, the Sea, the Ice, and the Wind. On the other, men of Iron and Blood. They both entered the Bone Orchard and did combat upon its corpse ridden ground. Each one that fell, was consumed by the white oaks that line the area. When, between their fighting, came men of Shadow. Who rained down terrible calamity upon the heads of both armies and sow discord among their ranks. Then arose, a great White Oak of Bone from the blood soaked group in the center of the Orchard. Greater than all other oaks it reached far above into the sky and emitted a shield of light around it. Protecting the armies of man against the shadow and calamity.


Intrepreting the dream, she called her followers and in her dying breath, rechristened the tribe as the Coven of Ash. Their task was survive until such a time when men of Sand, Wood, Sea, Ice, and Wind. Stood against men of Iron, Blood and Shadow. They were then to go forth and find the Great White Oak among the realm and forge a company to protect the world from such things. They were tasks to find the Ashen One. And so, the tribe went forth surviving the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Umbral Calamities. Keeping the words and visions of their Founder alive even as they were long since buried.


And when the Grand Alliance met with Garlemald in the Ghimlyt Dark. The Coven reappeared and found a being touched by death and clad in white, the Ashen One they sought. Gathering around them. They were given the title of Leader. So it was, the Bone Orchard Free Company was forged after many, many eras of waiting. The Soothsayer's vision would come to be. The Company would become a shield to aid the Alliance against all threats. Even if they were to sacrifice themselves to the Orchard and the White Oaks.


The Bone Orchard

The Bone Orchard is a small Free Company starting up on the Mateus Server. This company are seeking to carve out a place of their own on Hydaelyn. To this end, they are searching for beings from all walks of life. A rogue, a mercenary, a grizzled veteran, a tradesman, or a novice scholar. All are welcome beneath its branches as it begins its search for individuals who might serve the vision of the Soothsayer. Initially set on only seeking the Wardens of the Ashen Realms, they have recently decided to cast a wider net. The more eyes, ears, and hands working to find the Wardens and fill the branches with members. The better they might lay the foundation for the Free Company and come to the aid of all realms and shards.


The Free Company is of the mind set that even if you are not a Warden, there are now Branches that your character might enter. So they may carve their own destiny alongside the Free Company, itself.


How do I join?
You can send in an ask to set up a a meeting by throwing one: here
Alternatively, just wait for any of the following to come online to express your interest:
Genixma Fukkatsu, The Frayed, Hakkotsu Tsuki, Horae Solstice, Lord Shamhat, Don'yoku Mugen, Nikoyoku Sanguinius, or Q'ruhka Tia


How would my character of heard of the Bone Orchard?

Some characters have dreams, visions similar to that of the, now, passed Soothsayer.

Others, would of heard it in whispers around taverns, later at night. Or from a drunkard being hauled off to gaol after having a bad run in with something.


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All Free Companies have a ranking system of some description that divides the Guild Leader and the Officers who help with the responsibility of the Company and the normal members who reap the rewards of the upper echleon's work.

The Leader is called the Ashen One for lore purposes.

The Officers are called Immortals and are in charge of their own branch in which they were once a regular member of, but now take responsibility for.

Each Immortal has their own official title in the guild:
Matron of Bones for the Bone Maidens
Horseman of Ashen for the Wardens of the Ashen Realms
Archon for the Shard of Light
Mab for the Coven of Ashen (Ashen Coven)
Titania for the Autumn Wakers

Odin's Chosen for the Wild Hunt

Judge for the Sanguine Court

Professor for the Iron Hand

Admiral for the Amber Lantern

and Shogun of the Yomi branch, respectively.


In addition to there being Immortals, there are the Immortal's Second-in-Commands who act as sort of Squadron Leaders. Each branch having its own opening which is, either greater or fewer than one another. Their titles are currently in a To-Be-Determined state of development. While a roster of titles for the Second-in-Command has been chosen. Their general titles are the Lords of Bones.


Lastly, there are the new members of the Free Company, those brand new and in a trial phase are known as Initiates.

Once an initiate has been in the Bone Orchard, long enough and their character's own story has progressed enough. They are granted the title of Candidate by either the Immortal or Hollow Visage associated with their Branch. Whereby they are set on a path to through a general story for the Branch they are interested in. Before becoming a Branch Member, the rank of which is named after each branch.


Speaking of which, each Branch is as follows:

The Bone Maiden Branch Information -



The Bone Maidens are an exclusive branch of the Bone Orchard. They are few in number and are limited to those numbers alone. As they are tasked as personal bodyguards for certain members of the heirarchy. Namely the Ashen One as well as the Horsemen of Ashen, Conquest, Pestilence, War, and Famine who lead the Wardens Branch. Each unit of Bone Maidens are assign to the member they coincide with. They are simply there to protect these members and nothing more. Trite but true are their design and profession. For behind every great being, there inevitably a woman. The units are as follows:


The Moirai: The Bone Maidens assign to protect and guard the Ashen One and Horseman of Ashen. Their Leader, the Fateweaver, is the head of the entire Bone Maiden branch.


The Valkyries: The Bone Maidens assign to protect and guard the Horseman of Conquest. They are lead by the one given the title of Sigrun who also aid in the tasks of the Wild Hunt.

The Pathogens: The Bone Maidens assign to protect and guard the Horseman of Pestilence. They are lead by the Maiden given the title of Miasma which also aids in the tasks of the Sanguine Court.

The Iron Maidens: The Bone Maidens assign to protect and guard the Horseman of War. They are lead by the Maiden given the commanding title of Iron Matriarch who also aids in the tasks of the Iron Hand.

The Harvesters: The Bone Maidens assign to protect and guard the Horseman of Famine. They are lead by the one given the privledge of being known as the Black Crone who also aids in the Ashen Coven’s tasks.


The Wardens Branch (Full Title: The Wardens of the Ashen Realms) Information -



The Wardens of the Ashen Realms or The Wardens for short. Are front liners for the Bone Orchard. Functioning on the supernatural side of the Free Company. Acting as soldiers who oversee the continued incarceration and judgment of the spirits who are placed in the Ashen Realms. A group of sixteen realms divided into four sectors. Each Sector holding a Lord to watch over it, each realm having a Sentinel to oversee their own unit of Wardens within it. All from different walks from life. Just as life effects us all, so too must death. One aspect of an Ashen Realm is more prominent than others in the lives of those who take the path of the Wardens. The Ashen Sectors and their Realms are as follows:


The Inevitable Sect:

The sector that houses the most natural realms associated with death and holds within it; The Realm of Time for the elderly souls who pass on the most naturally, the Realm of Disease for the souls afflicted by illness when the pass, the Realm of Syndrome for those afflicted with a handicap or disadvantage from birth then on, and the Realm of Youth for those who were too young when they passed, never truly tasted the full extent of life.


The Sin Sect:

The sector that houses, as it implies, four realms in association with the various vices that plague mortal kind, which are as follow; The Realm of Intoxication for those souls who indulged in the pleasures of flesh, drink, food, and revelry far too often, the Realm of Excess for those miserable individuals who hoarded all their money or collections for nary a gil to pass through their fingers for the downtrodden, the Realm of Rage for those of great temper and little restraint in how they exercise it, and the Realm of Vanity for those far too self-absorbed to realize when the reaper grabbed them by their coat tails.


The Crushing Sect:

The sector that houses the realms and souls of those lost on the battlefield within war. It houses such realms as; The Realm of Destruction for those poor soldiers torn apart by explosive, debris, or turned into cannon fodder, the Realm of Violence for the departed who were consumed by their blood lust and driven war crazed enough to commit atrocities across the battlefield to friend or foe, the Realm of Sacrifice for the noble souls who gave themselves up so that their comrades could see another dawn, and the Realm of Honor for those whose deeds upon the battlefield shall forever paint them in the annuals of history as saints and heroes to all.


The Aberration Sect:
The sector which houses the most unnatural realms of death, infectious volatile realms that would consume the others, if not for the engimatic and bottomless realm of void that also awaits within the sect. Such realms as; The Realm of Despair the realm for those who succumb to despair infectious in its design and terrible in their ends, the Realm of Solitude for the beings so rejected by life that their vast loneliness inflicts upon other a malaise of hollowness, the Realm of Madness the most volatile of realms infecting mortal and god alike, the Madness ever spreading, ever watching, ever chattering, spewing forth nameless things and eldritch beings from beyond and bringing forth cracks in order and chaos alike. And finally, the Realm of Nothingness, a enigmatic realm which absorbs the overflowing energies of all Ashen Realms but, particularly those of Despair, Solitude and Madness. Within this Realm houses naught but shadowy civilizations, places, and things whose names have been forgotten and lost to time. The deep darkness with no answer which all mortal fears to face at the end of their time.


The Shard of Light Branch Information -



Many are the tales told of the Warriors of Light, those valiant souls who aided the Grand Companies during the Battle of Carteneau. All were said to have perished in the following Calamity, victims of Bahamut's Rampage. However, truth is more often stranger than fiction. The Shards of Light are the new Warriors of Light, led by the Meteor Survivor, the 'Canon' Warrior of Light from all FFXIV cinematics. Blessed with Her Light, they were gathered by this living legend, removed from time for five years, and banded together to return hope to Eorzea. Those who would join the Shards of Light are Warriors of Light, but none are the Warrior of Light. He battles to stop the Rejoining in the First while we hold the line against Primal and Ascian in the Source, though mayhaps the remnants of the calling wrap themselves further around those whose destiny is irrevocably tied with his...


The Shards of Light are veterans of many battles, beginning with the first MSQ slaying of Ifrit, all the way to the battles against Garlemald in the Post-Stormblood campaign. The Shards of Light have stood against the endless tide of Darkness brought on by Ascian machinations, and though the Meteor Survivor has been called to save another world, those who were his compatriots carry on. As a Shard of Light, you can choose which battles to have joined with the Survivor on, or you can choose to have stood by his side from the beginning, from Ifrit and onward. All of you are possessed of the Echo, though what form it takes is up to you, with approval. Though you do not burn as brightly as he does, you burn bright with Her light nonetheless. Eorzea's Warrior of Light is gone, removed from this world for a time. In his place, like the very stars that light the heavens, are the Shards.



The Coven of Ash Branch (also known as the Ashen Coven) Information -



The Branch of the Ashen Coven are the backbone and spiritual leaders of the Free Company. Occultists, witches, black magick users, summoners, and scholars of forbidden arts. Heretic, zealot, cultists have all been thrown at this sect of spell casters. But, they have not broken, not even after their former headmaster was beheaded by those seeking their end. Nay, not even after they were purged to near extinction. The Ashen Coven endured for the sake of their former leader who forsaw a great and terrible Bone Orchard. Its white oak made of hardened bone and the bodies of their enemies fed the soil causing

it to grow far and wide. And so too would the bodies of their fallen believers. They would grind the enemy of Eorzea to the bone and feed it to their worms. As such this branch leads the rituals required for the continued growth of such a company.


The Autumn Wakers Branch Information -



Once part of the Ashen Coven, the members of this branch began to consider their deceased leader’s words in a new light. Sowing seeds of life and merriment, ensuring the continued growth of all things. Maintaining the life of the comrades and healing the ailments that plagued them. Allowing them to grow a Bone Orchard of prsperity and revelry. Harvesting great foods and relationships to last the bitter cold of future winters. A shimmering light that passed through the branches of the Great White Bone Oak in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Days even as they waned. Healers, farmers, medical staff, astrologists, and the like gathering under the golden orange leaves of Autumn to renounce the macabre aspirations of their mad peers. And to bring forth and awaken the Autumnal Spirit that would allow the true lasting of the Bone Orchard.


The Wild Hunt Branch Information -



In days, long forgotten to the memories of Eorzea. There once was a Great Leader of Man named Odin. Every full moon following the Solstice or Equinox, he would gather his band of men and women. Sturdy, hearty and of every walk of life. From noble warriors, cunning brigands, and keen bowmen to peasants, farmers, and the common man. All were gathered under his banner and the road forth unto the wilderness to hunt the great beasts of antiquity that grew large and monstrous at the time. Scarce beings are found in these times wandering the mist covered woodlands of the world. Man versus monster would clash under the moonlight and upon victory, Odin would host a great feast.


Though those times are gone and Odin now wanders the Black Shroud, a hollow mockery of his formerself in the shape of a Primal. The Wild Hunt branch seeks to reclaim that glory. Now faced with beasts from the void, the light and allaghan horrors. The Hunt seeks to strike up the banners and combat the many demons and creatures who now stalk the lands. To feast either under victory or to give the great beings enough sport that they may feast in Odin’s chambers in the after life. Such is the way of the Wild Hunt.


The Sanguine Court Branch Information -



The Sanguine Court. An ancient organization working under the eyes of the Holy Sees since its founding by the Great Ishgardian King Thordan I. Who has long since passed in to legend but whose atrocities against the very dragons, Ishgard had made peace with in the past and with the aid of the Warrior of Light made peace with again in the present, has come to light. Many wouldn’t be surprise to hear that Thordan had a bastard half-brother who became the Judge and founder of the Sanguine Court. The anti-thesis of the King’s rule and later, becoming the reflection of the Heavensward and Archbishop’s true colors.


Just as the Heavensward was made up of noble houses of Ishgard. So too would the Court be established as Seven Dredge Houses. Houses of Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride. At one point the Archbishop had poured every resource to snuff out the Court and hunt them down as heretics. Thinning their numbers to near extinction. But, their Judge survived. And has returned to the Realm of Eorzea to reclaim what was nearly taken from him. To break Ishgard and those still loyal to the deceased Archbishop’s rule of lies over his spine. And to tempt other beings beyond the gaze of the Holy See into his servitude.


The Iron Hand Branch Information -



Yes, the Wardens deal with the supernatural. The Coven with the spiritual, but what of the material? What of man and made manifest of his own design? Not by some course of Primal or false deity. But, of self measured science and iron, augmenting and enhancing yourself to maintain supremecy? What of the secrets fo Allaghan and the technological wealth that has been wasted on all others? Research, testing, and fighting for the glory of mortal kind? The Iron Hand is such a branch researching and building technology to enhance the Free Company’s chances on the open field. Taking in ex-Empire members as well as men of science and technology into their grasp. Financing the Bone Orchard’s ventures while test its steel against all foes. Carving the future through gunpowder, magitek, and flame.



The Amber Lantern Branch Information -



Acting as an Adventuring Guild front for the Bone Orchard. It welcomes adventurers and mercanaries from far and wide. To oversee the operations of ferrying goods from Doma to Eorzea to Ishgard and back. Via land, air, or sea, the Amber Lantern travels. But, to say that was its only function is misleading. The Lantern also aids the other branches with supplies and taking down marks. As well as following missions to delve into Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High, and the various dungeons of the world. To take down profitable targets and enemy forces therein.


Yomi Branch Information -



Yomi (黄泉) the Doman based organization who fought a shadow war against the Garlean Empire after the occupation began. So enshrouded in mystery that not even the Domans knew they were being aided. In their arrogance, the Empire made a fatal mistake. Trying to conquer the Ruby Sea in this, legend tells of a child who would grow into their worst nightmare. Sabotage, assassination, friendly fire. Nothing was off limits to the Yomi head. As soon as they appeared, Yomi also vanished. But, Doma is now free of the Empire, but Yomi’s leader remembers them too well. And will not stop until Garlemald is destroyed or dismantled. Joining with the Bone Orchard seems to be the best choice to accomplish this without be constrained by peace treaties or morals.


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The Bone Orchard's First Campaign has begun: The Seething Shadow

Current Mission:


Act I, Mission I Story Thus Far:


The Coven of Ash met at the Great Oak in the Black Shroud. Reiterating on what drives the Coven to continue moving forward. The Keeper of Bones ask Admiral Q'ruhka to deliver, the package she had sent for. Within the package was a crystal imbued with the essence of naught. From the time when the Ashen One broke Tiamat free of her Allag bindings in Azys Lla. This would allow the fellow Initiates of the Coven to teleport to base camp. Without need for aetheryte, this would also ensure that spies couldn't teleport their forces to the Coven's base of operation. In addition to the special crystals, she gave each member present. A branch from the Great Ashen One, that stands in the fabled Bone Orchard. After this, the Keeper announced of the Warden Candidate Rohan's intrusion to the meeting. After a brief trading of verbal blows between Coven Initiate Oleksandr and Warden Candidate Rohan. The Admiral drew the line in the sand and order the two to behave while upon the Coven's sacred ground. To make up for the trespassing on the meeting, Rohan was ordered to join the Coven on their mission. The Keeper brought to the attention of all who were present, the three specters had crossed the veil between the Ashen Realms and Eorzea. And were beginning to wreck havoc on the realm. The first of these was named a sand storm which terrorized the Drake Tribe of Miqo'te in Southern Thanalan killing off anything that was in its path. The second was a great phantom bird which descended upon La Noscea and destroyed ships and caravan bringing supplies to settlements throughout the region. Lastly, was a Dullahan in the Black Shroud which beheaded locals during the night. Haunting the Shroud and being mistaken as the Black Rider, Odin.(edited)

The Keeper of Bones granted those present a way in which hunting each one would be beneficial to the Bone Orchard. By aiding Ul'dah, it would open up the possibility or reaping the rewards of Ul'dah by opening a path. Whereby they could utilize its vast markets and desert oasis away from the environment at large. By aiding Gridania, they would achieve the ability to access blessed instruments, that the Seedseer and her kin had access to. Allowing the ability to become better equipped in fighting the paranormal in future encounters. Lastly, in aiding Limsa Lominsa, it opened up trade routes by land and sky for the Amber Lantern to deliver trade without being harried by the Yellowjackets. With all that consideration on the table, the Keeper of Bones put it to a vote. Whereby the Coven Initiate decided that Limsa Lominsa's plight was more dire than the others. Deciding to pursuit the Great Phantom that soared and besieged the shipments by land or sea to Limsa or La Noscea proper.

And so, the Keeper lead those present out of the sacred ground and to Haukke Manor to throw off any possible spied. Transporting them all just outside Wineport. Where camp was made in a nearby, run down port shack. After making camp, Admiral Q'ruhka, Warden Candidate Rohan, and Coven Initiate Oleksandr with Saya. Began to discuss the information, the Keeper had gathered regarding the Phantom which haunted the area. By sharing what information she could, she relayed that the Phantom struck at Pirate or official Limsa Lominsa ships alike. Killing all sailors and navy men aboard the vessels. And apparently being focused on those alone. Recalling an incident where a pirate miraculously survived the attack. Was fished up by a passing Yellowjacket ship that passed. Placed in a Gaol in Aleport. Whereby, the Phantom descended once more, breaking into the Prison. And ignoring the prisoners who tried to taunt and aggravate the beast away from the surviving Pirate. It subsequently killed the Pirate and fled back to the sky. Next, she shared that sea based attacked weren't the sole sport, the Phantom preyed upon. Attacking caravans stocked with supplies for other encampments in La Noscea on land as well. Neither supplies nor vessel allegiance having any bearing on the attacks. The Keeper deduced that it was simply hunting sailors and navy men in particular. Pirate or Yellowjacket or Fisherman made no difference.

With this information, those present conducted different plans on how to hand the manner. The Admiral offered up the plan of taking one of the Free Company's only vessels for sea and using it as bait for the Phantom to descend upon. The next was to observe a caravan from afar and hope it was tempting enough for the Bird to descend upon. The Keeper offered up the option to talk to individuals to see if they knew anything else. Which brought up the methods in which they could attack the problem at hand. They could operate an Observation, an attack in motion and hope that it yielded in result. They could Interrogate, by speaking to any who may of witness and survived. Or they could move with Action, using one of the company's own vessels as bait. In the end, it was put to a vote again to Observe a shipment taking place.

To narrow this down would present a new problem, the Keeper observed. To find a shipment, they would need to steal a schedule from any of the encampments in La Noscea or Limsa itself. However, doing so, would eventually alert the region to their presence. Therefore, the Keeper guessed that with the major force of Limsa being used to combat Garlemald on the border of the Grimlyte Dark. The entire region would be well guarded as well and on high alert. So, they would have three chances to steal the schedules. Before, they were to meet stark resistance from Limsa itself. Ever the one to work in the shadows, the Coven had to take great care not to bring up suspicion. For like Ishgard, there was no more suspicious folk than sailors. And so, they decided the best course of action was to aim for Costa del Sol, based on Oleksandr having a contact there. Saya brought up the plan of appearing as tourists. So, the Keeper agreed, that while Oleksandr was talking to his man. Rohan would work in stealing the schedule for shipments as the rest appeared as tourists and scouted the area.

With that out of the way, the Keeper finally made preparations but, not before binding each present to the Contract of Bone. From there, the party made camp and waited for the right opportunity to strike.


Without access to a contact in Costa del Sol and a wet worker on hand. With new members arriving at the camp, the Keeper of Bones reiterated the situation regarding the Phantom. Relaying information about the Caravans attacked as well as the Ships. The Orchard had to shift from Observation to Interrogation, after a revoting process. After a brief shift in focus, they all agreed to head to Camp Bronze Lake. But, after crossing the border between Eastern and Northern La Noscea. The Company came upon the scene of a battle as the Great Raven Phantom was in the process of attacking a Caravan headed towards Bronze Lake. And the Orchard leaped into action. Two blows delivered from Asa and the Keeper of Bones easily leveled the beast. But, then Lucia sensed a trickle of energy empowering it further. Its body splitting into four parts which became eggs. Oleksandr and Saya joined the fray as The Good Admiral, Q'ruhka aided the rest in attempting to destroy the eggs. Their valiant efforts lead to the destruction of the two of the four but, the two remaining we resilient to the attacks. And gave birth to Valravn, both of which began to besiege the Caravan and the Orchard members. Only for Saya to lay one low almost immediately. Seeing the fall of its brother, the second Valravn ignited with rage and began to besiege Lucia only for Asa and Oleksandr to defend the Coven Member. Furious at such a cowardly display, the Keeper of Bone made short work of the last Valravn. Causing the dust to settle on the battlefield. With a far off tower holding more intrigue than any information they could obtain from the Caravan. The Orchard members were welcomed into Camp Bronze Lake with open arms. And now relax in its hot springs, licking their wounds until they are prepared to pursuit, the next course of action.


After two days rest, the Orchard members set out to the area west of Camp Bronze Lake. There Oleksandr mentioned that the Mamool Ja cults operated in the area. Which the Keeper hypothesis that whomever was summoning the Raven Phantoms. Was using that as a smokescreen to operate around the area. The spot of power discovered was the mark of Oschon, the Wanderer. The Keeper observing that it was a place of worship in Eorzea, so it was the perfect conduit. The matter of prayer and power of the aether which gathered around such a symbol would make for the ideal area for summoning the Ravns. To this end, she also concluded that since they were the first to offer the summoner resistance the could of made a miscalculation and fled the area leaving evidence. The Keeper of Bones ordered for a search of the area. Saya found the water surrounding the mark of Oschon to be sullied by a copper smell and taste. Castor from the Iron Hand found bent gil scattered across the area. And Oleksandr discovered the smell of blood coming from the south. Saya immediately set to work trying to make a leyline map of where one of the coins had been and where it would lead. Only for her book to produce a large paw print to her displeasure. With that method of tracking down the culprit out of the question, the Keeper observed that the direction which Oleksandr picked up the scent was a small port controlled by a group of Qiqirn merchants.

Admiral Q'ruhka came upon the scene and identified the group as Jijiroon's Trading Post. And, as it just so happened, the Admiral had a few dodo eggs on person to make a tempting offer to the Ferry Man. After a brief conversation, he found that a cloaked figure had, indeed, passed through the port in the dead of night not a day or so prior. To this end, the party crossed the lake to Memeroon's Trading Post. Q'ruhka advised not to mentioned Jijiroon as they were estranged siblings and it was still a sour spot for both. Castor and Oleksandr were made to search the area while the Keeper and the Admiral proceeded with negotiations. With the titular Memeroon. While neither Castor nor Oleksandr could find anything of note. The negotiations with Memeroon went swimmingly. Memeroon directing the party to the Poor Maid's Mill. After stopping for a breath, the Keeper noted that Castor wasn't under the Contract of Bones. Thus proceeded with the ritual as required before moving on to Fool Falls.


Not immediately seeing anything, the Keeper once more ordered those present to search the area. Whereby, Oleksandr discovered a orb made of bronze nearby. Upon shattering the orb like structure, a great lupine-like creature emerged wrapped in wire, gil and a tattered cloak. After a brief exchange, the culprit identified themselves as the Coincounter. Before unceremoniously summoning four new Ravn Phantoms which took to the sky. The Orchard Members stood their ground and engaged the beast. Who seemed to toy with them with verbal insults and deadly attacks, wounding Rohan greatly. Before commencing with self-flagellation. Hanging on by the skin of his teeth, Rohan noted that the blood from the Coincounter's masocistic display pooled and formed two beings. Immediately, the Warden Candidate pounced and killed one of the creatures. However, the other members were too slow to capture the second which escaped to the wild. Pressed fiercely by the large beast, they eventually felled it and returned to Camp Bronze Lake to recover from the battle. The Admiral picking up a set of caestus with razor wire attached to it as a trophy from the battle.


After another day of rest, the Company members gathered once more. Whereby, the Keeper reiterated what had transpired the previous gathering. Now that the Coincounter had fallen, Hakkotsu Tsuki took into consideration that the beast had taken time and steps to engulf the region in chaos. Instead of fleeing to safety, mediatating at the Fool's Falls for a day before unleashing new Ravn Phantoms on the region along with a minion of sorts. Saya noted that she may be of the capacity to summon the minion and possibly capture the beast through combat to gain information. The members present agreed with the sentiment. And without further delay, they set back off to Fool's Falls. Saya attempted the ritual to summoning the minion to her, but found the ritual backfired. Instead making the Coincounter's General and the Ravn Phantoms aware of the witch causing a sense of paranoia to cloud her mind. The Keeper observed that with the Phantoms and the Minion aware of Saya. They could set an alarum for the Phantoms and have the Admiral absorb, a phantom's essence. To lure out the minion who was safely behind enemy lines in Sahagin land by this point. Citing that newly formed, the Minion had to have some reverence to the Coincounter, who had previously referred to the Orchard and its members as gnats. To add insult to injury, not only did they defeat the Minion's Master but they stole the Counter's weapons as well.

So, they hatched a plan to lure out a Phantom, where the proper conditions were met. To this end, they headed south to Aleport. Close enough to the Sahagin Breeding Grounds that the Minion was hiding behind and an area perfect for attracting a Phantom for their needs. Saya, still shaken from the ritual back firing. Managed to construct an Alarum ritual and cast it. The ritual, however, worked too well this time. And not one, but two Ravn Phantoms were attracted to descend down upon Aleport. A battle commenced across the port town, causing the Admiral to become wounded but in the end, the Company was able to banish both specters to the abyss. Q'ruhka began to mutter and stutter about seeing a knighting in Ishgard. The Keeper chalking it up to head trauma from being repeatedly slammed against the ground. The Admiral, at least, confirmed that he had successfully pillaged the essence of one of the Phantoms. The Keeper quickly directed the wounded members to a nearby infirmary to rest. Where, Saya took care of the Admiral. Hakkotsu stepping away to contact the Ashen One and update them on the situation.


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Update Post: Free Company name change, cutting down or deleting irrelevant information from before, addition of brief summaries of the various ranks and branches.

Compressed information about the Wardens of the Ashen Realms and filed under the corresponding branch.

Removal of previously limiting goal view in exchange for a most focused opening. Story removed and replaced with brief back story and reason for name change.

New Locations in the Lavender Beds and the Mists as well as campaign update and story details.

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