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mateus [Mateus] Wardens of the Ashen <Ashen>

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Free Company Name: Wardens of the Ashen
Full Title: The Wardens of the Ashen Realms
Free Company Tag: <<Ashen>>

Leader: Genixma Fukkatsu

Officer(s): Q'ruhka Tia

Type of Roleplay: Dark | Mature | Gritty | Supernatural | Adventuring

Sub-Type: Casual | Starting Up | Original Lore | Occult

Eventual Aim: Militant or Mercenary

Alignment: Grey

Recruitment Status: Open

Discord: Upon Recruitment



Have you ever been to Doma?

If so, mayhaps this story will be familiar. If not, allow me to preface...

There are places, villages and small agricultural towns that still sit in the shade of the mountains and beneath the great trees of Doma. So far and well hidden that, in their entire existance, they still remain untouched by the newly reinstated Emperor and the previously occupant Garlemald. These, unacquired intrigues situated away from the rest of civilization still hold close to ancient superstition and folklore.

One such story begins like so...

Once upon a time, there was a young man who worked in the rice fields. So diligent was his work, that would often work well into the night without realizing the sun had long since departed. On, one such Summer's Night when the long day had past. And his fellow field tenders had long since gone home, when he was content he had done is due diligence, he began to venture back to his own hovel, lantern in hand. The night was deep and darkness like a sea around him, only his lantern granting the young man access to swim across the abyss. After walking for a time, he turned the first corner around the fields and, as his light parted the void, his lantern revealed an old gentleman.

A kind soul, the young man came upon the gentleman and ask, if he had lost his way. The Old Man, first refuted the young man's observation, but immediately relented, admitting he had lost his lantern and couldn't find his way back home. And so, the young man pointed him in the direction of his own nearby village. Directing the man on his way, after the man's sihoulette had long faded into the black. The young man continued on his way. Another span of time crossed as he made his way down the rice paddies, he turned the second corner of the fields. His lantern eventually lighting up the same old man.


Smiling lightly, the young man approached the elder and spoke with him again. Pointing him in the right direction once more and seeing him off, before proceeding on his own journey. Again, there was a great length of time, mayhaps an hour or so, before the long road lead the young man around the third corner of the rice fields. Once more, his lantern lit up the same Old Man as before. He approached the lost elder for a third time, confronting him over his absentmindedness. The Old Man bashfully, admitted he couldn't see very well in the dark. At that moment, the matter was immediately settled in the young man's mind. Determined to allow the man, a way back to his own home before the sunrose. The young man gave the over his lantern. The lad knowing he was close enough to his own shelter, that he didn't require the lantern to find his way.


Again, he watched the man and his lantern trial off into the distance and vanish before proceeding on his journey home. Oddly, enough he ran into trouble returning home, so ponderously deep was the dark of the night. Nary, the moon could even pierce it, but after what felt like three hours, approaching its fourth. He came upon his house and witnessed a visit, holding his lantern. It was the lost Old Man from before, approaching him, he welcomed the elder and ask if he had come to return his lantern. The Elder agreed that he had and returned the lantern. When the young man inquired if the Old Man had found his way home. The elder said, he was almost there...whereby he lifted the young man from his sandals and robes, and spirited him away to the afterlife.


When morning came...the other villages discovered the young man's sandals and lantern, left in the middle of the rice fields.


As the story goes, as does the superstition:

"If there ever is a time, whether it is day or night and you find yourself in an instance,

where you encounter something three times under unusual circumstance.

Try thy best to avoid the fourth or your death will follow and

you shall be spirited away."


It began, eight years after his eyes were burnt out. The day, he saw the shape of a man through the darkness of the blind. The very air around, the being twisted and screamed in protest. The very stone, the being stepped upon turning from cold, lifeless rock and mortar to living, breathing, flesh and blood. A myriad of horrific things gather about it, as every sigh, breathed out a deeply unsettling madness. When the two came face to face, only one escaped the encounter. The madness was swept away and contained, nothingness pilled over it all. Engulfing all that had been and vanishing from time as well as memory. These beings must be found, contained, and directed. If left unchecked for too long, dire consequence shall follow.


Wardens of the Ashen

The Wardens of the Ashen Realm are a small Free Company starting up on the Mateus Server. This company are seeking to carve out a place of their own on Hydaelyn. To this end, they are searching for beings from all walks of life. A rogue, a mercenary, a grizzled veteran, a tradesman, or a novice scholar. All are welcome beneath its mantle as it begins its search to listen for, identify, and seek out the titular Wardens of the Ashen Realms. Initially set on only seeking the Wardens themselves, they have recently decided to cast a wider net. The more eyes, ears, and hands working to find these beings and lay the foundation for the Free Company. The easier it might be from hereon.


The Wardens work in phases reflected by their leader.
Currently in its first phase, the Free Company's objectives are as follows:

Phase I - Conquest:

  • Objective I: Listen for information and gather intelligence regarding the Wardens of the Ashen Realms.
  • Objective II: Recruit eyes and ears as well as initiates who will aid in the discovering of the Wardens.
  • Objective III: Raise the ranks of the Free Company and acquire a household to base in.
  • Objective IV: Recruit and gather the Wardens.
  • Objective V: Set up up structure and establish hierarchy within the Free Company
  • Objective VII: Deliberate on which Primals to conquer to regain the eye sight of the Rider of Ashen.
  • Objective VIII: Engage Primals
  • Objective IX: Transition Rider of Ashen to next phase, hand down the mantle of Rider of Conquest.
  • Objective X: Establish Valkyries and move to Phase II.


The Free Company is of the mind set that even if you are not a Warden and simply wish to aid them in creating a community of characters around their primary goals. You are more than welcome to approach and join its ranks. It would be bad form to expect sixteen members, four bodyguard squads, and five officers to make the entirety of a Free Company.


Terminology and Information:


What is the Ashen Realms?

The Ashen Realms are realms beyond the mortal coil said to categorize the dearly departed into individual realms. Which are, in turn, divided into four sectors. The Ashen Realms and their Sectors are also referred to as the Realms and Sectors of Death, respectfully.


How are the Ashen Realms divided?

The Ashen Realms are divided into Four Sectors. Each one housing, four realms and each one is titled to reflect, what realms would be found within.


The First Sector or the Inevitable Sect, houses souls who pass on from, what is considered, the most natural death and consists of:

  • The Realm of Time: The souls of those who pass on from the natural progression of age are said to reside in this Realm. As the first and foremost Ashen Realm, it is the most natural way a soul can pass on.
  • The Realm of Disease: Those who pass on from illness and infection reside within this realm.
  • The Realm of Syndrome: Not everyone is born with a perfectly healthy body or into the most ideal of circumstances. The Beings of Eorzea are imperfect as they are none of the Twelve. As population continues to grow, their imperfections become more and more apparent. To this end, this realm houses those who pass from proverty, deformity, or other complications.
  • The Realm of Youth: Now everyone lives to see their life to their fullest. Some die straight from birth, others never make it to a young adult life. Therefore, this realm houses the souls of the youthful. Those who had yet to taste the true bitterness and glory life has had to offer.

The Second Sector or the Sin Sect, houses souls who indulged too readly in their sinful ways. All things in moderation, but these souls went to deeply and died due to these causes, it consists of:

  • The Realm of Intoxication: Those who indulged and reveled in lust and drink, reside here. Having died from want of flesh, alcohol poisoning or drug related problems.
  • The Realm of Excess: Those who were far too greedy and hoarded all their gil for themselves, reside here. A chain wrapping around them that weighs as much as the collective amount of gil they held during their life time.
  • The Realm of Rage: Those who pass from civil disputes, whether it is bar fights, puglist or gladiatorial tournaments. Many are honorable combatants but some give in to readily to their enflaming rage and primal instinct. As such, their souls reside here.
  • The Realm of Hunger: The Realm of Syndrome tends to bring in souls who die from starvation in poverty. The Realm of Intoxication houses those who pass from drug related starvation. The Realm of Hunger, on the other hand, houses the souls twisted by a hunger so vile, they no longer remain a person but, a monstrous beast. Their howling souls lie in this realm.


The Third Sector or the Crushing Sect, The Realm of Rage holds those who pass from civil combat but, the Crushing Sect holds the souls who die in war on the battlefield, it consists of:

  • The Realm of Destruction: Not all are given clean deaths on the battlefield, some are unlucky, with so many souls charging across the ground. It is only a through sheer luck that none of them escape unharmed. Which brings us to the souls housed in this realm. These souls were killed by explosion, cannon fire, or a Black Mage magics.
  • The Realm of Violence: Soldiers fight for home and hearth, but they are just men and women. Some of them are not ready for the stress of combat. Some of them snap and give into bloodlust. Those who commit warcrime or succumb to bloodshed, are brought here.
  • The Realm of Sacrifice: Those bright souls who sacrifice themselves so their comrades might escape and see victory or home another day. On the other side of the coin, those souls sacrificed to cult and Beast Tribe linger in this realm.
  • The Realm of Honor: Men and Women. Soldiers who fight for a great cause in the Hell that is War. Those true legends who shall never be forgotten, those who lived by a code and honored it to the last. Their souls are found in this realm, Champions among the rest of us.


The Fourth Sector or the Aberration Sect, due to the nature of this sector we cannot provide any information to the public on these Realms, lest they fall into the wrong hands.


What is a Warden?

A Warden is, as it sounds. A being attuned to the Realm in which they are assigned and shaped by. And therefore, in chage of ensuring the souls of the Realm do not escape. To this end, the Warden also manifests, some of the powers the realm is linked with.


What does one have to do to become a Warden?

First, they must go through a process, whereby a series of simple questions. We narrow down which Ashen Realm might of shaped them throughout their life.

Secondly, they are given time to meditate and link with the Realm in question.

Lastly, they are either taken into the Realm or into an area associated strongly with it and given the task of bending some of its power to their will.

If they are able to attune themselves properly, they are dubbed the Warden of it.


What if I find, that I am attuned to a Realm but, not able to control it at the trial?

You become a Follower of the Ashen Realms. Someone shaped by the Ashen Realms and able to produce a minor ability of it, but not able to control it completely.


What if I am unable to become a Follower or a Warden or I just have no interest in attaining the power of the Realms?

The Wardens and Followers make the bones and meat of the Free Company. But, even those who cannot manifest have their own special power. The power to build a community, unite these powers together and remind us all that even the normal, hard working individuals of Eorzea are worth their own weight in gold and salt. You are still welcome among our ranks, you are the tissue that will bind us together.


Who is asking all these questions?

A hypothetical reader.

How do I join?
You can send in an ask to set up a a meeting by throwing one: here
Alternatively, just wait for Genixma Fukkatsu or Q'ruhka Tia to come online and express your interest.


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Posted (edited)

Recruitment is still open.

Second half of Objective III complete, Small House in the Mists obtained: The Warden's Law

Secondary venue in the Goblet obtained: The Hollow's Sanctuary Tavern being preped for opening.


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