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Characters adopted by a different race

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So, here's a odd one, and might be a no-brainer, but I rather ask before doing something wrong. Anyway, I had a character idea that my character was adopted by a couple that wasn't his initial race. Is this considered acceptable within the lore, and if the character was adopted young enough where he didn't know his parents and his original name, would it be acceptable then that he'd have a name related to his adopted family's racial naming convention.

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It happens. To what extent we don't really know, but we have examples ingame, like Minfillia adoptive mother, F'lhaminn who is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te (with Keeper features). 


She didn't change her daughter's name obviously since she took her when she was already a teenager, but I see no reason not to for other cases.

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I honestly can't see why not! See: Krile Baldesion


Taken from FF wiki source: "She took on the surname of her adoptive father, Galuf Baldesion, and changed her first name to one with a Hyuran spelling. It is very likely that her original Plainsfolk name was "Kururu Kuru".


So i'd say it's completely lore-friendly to do so if you ask me and no reason why the parent can't name their adoptive child whatever they wish. :) 

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Minfilia was adopted by F'lhaminn

Krile / Kururu was adopted by Galuf

Pipin was adopted by Raubahn


There are hyur children adopted by a Roegadyn in the Gold Saucer

Interracial adoption is well-established ingame

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I personally don't like it in most cases because I've seen it done very poorly in different settings, and a lot of the time it boils down to a person creating a character like that because they simply don't like how the race they're adopting the culture from looks. A lot of elves being raised by monstrous races come to mind.


Is there precedent in the universe? Yes, clearly, as proven in this post. Will some RPers judge your character poorly by default at least initially? Quite likely. If you're fine with that, go right ahead.

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