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Another Newcomer to the Final Fantasy XIV RPC!

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Hey folks! I go by Jarret and I look forward to meeting one and all! I can't help at all being nervous with taking a leap here (hello, Anxiety), but here goes nothing!


My MMORPG Background:

I can say for certainly that my MMORPG career has been about for five years so far, with my very first being Star Wars The Old Republic starting me back in early 2014, the final years of when I was still in High School. Since then, I've dabbled in others like Guild Wars 2 that has come to hold a close spot to my heart, TERA, World of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately with some of these, the latter few games couldn't hold me down long enough to really dig into and become committed.


However, this is my first time delving head first Final Fantasy XIV, or /anything/ really Final Fantasy related. I've spied this game from afar for about a year, unable to really garner a sense as to dipping a few toes in or trying other MMORPG's out on the market. I have to say, I'm getting rather into the game so far with about six hours to my belt. The character creator and its customization is... Rather great compared to others that I've played with. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that two of the six hours have been spent making a character!


My RP Experience:

While I started playing MMORPG's back in 2014, my 'real' first experience with roleplay didn't start till late of 2015 that spilled out onto the beginning of 2016. But similar with my first MMORPG being SWTOR, it was also my first platform for my RP experience. At first, I didn't know if I could get wrapped into it as the essence of it sounded strange to me. Though over the several years of playing the game, I've became absolutely hooked into it; meeting amazingly creative people and the stories that they led and crafted for themselves and others to dig into that also managed to fit into the lore.


Over time, I've found some pieces of roleplay in Guild Wars 2 and later a rather bustling community within The Elder Scrolls Online. But with ESO, I couldn't simply get myself wrapped into its lore and with Guild Wars 2, I couldn't find a group to stick with to tether me longer onto the game.


Now getting off the trip and landing here, I can comfortably say that I have three years of experience of roleplay in my time of MMORPG's. While I am aware of the possible revenues of forums and chatrooms, I find that all of my experience is nearly constantly within the MMO itself and that of another medium; Discord!

My Character Ideas and Information:


Ho boy.. Where do I begin?


I am a shameless alt-oholic. (Well, somewhat embarrassed but it'll be our secret, perhaps?). With having so many ideas and inspirations from so many excellent sources, it's absolutely maddening to realize that I won't be able to employ them. Though with the tropes that I have played with more thoroughly, I know I have my favorites! These regarding to the more playful/mischievous, wise, sweet, stoic, book-worm, shy, out-going, and noble-esque characters. With this being said, I don't at all mind creating characters to meet others! I love to get to know other people and their creations as I can get lost in it.


Unfortunately, I can see already that Final Fantasy XIV isn't all that merciful to folks like me that enjoy exploring the many possibilities of characters and should choose wisely and use character slots to the best of my ability.


Varus Ryder: A young Hyur hailing from the bustling commercial hub of Ul'dah, Varus comes across as a lighthearted, positive, charming young man. He possesses a sense of humor that relies on his verbal agility and his fondness of absurdity and can appreciate when that humor be matched; but he isn't always quick on the trigger as depending on the scenario, he can become lost for words and adorably awkward. He's fearlessly loyal to those that he can claim to be a friend.


I have a few more ideas of characters as well, but I have to learn more about the lore about the game to be comfortable to do so. But! Stay tuned, as one involves a book-worm and another that embodies mischievousness!


(Note: Since I'm absolutely new to the game, I know next to nothing considering lore besides witnessing what I have in the starting areas of game time and a few searches within Wikipedias. But despite this road block, I do wish to learn what I can from the lore, so I can make fun, interesting characters that can follow it respectively.)


How did I learn about the Coalition?:


Interestingly enough, I learned the Coalition through the exploration of Google! I knew there had to be a roleplay community out there for Final Fantasy XIV, as it wouldn't make any sense otherwise despite there being no page for them or about them on Enjinn. After a few searches, stumbling in a few tumbler webpages on the way, I found this lovely home.


What kind of a Role-player am I aiming to be? (e.g. Light, Medium, or Heavy):


I actually quite fine with the whole spectrum, as I believe it depends on the situations that my characters find them in. I enjoy casual banter here and there, but I love long, in-depth stories! However, I do find it important to note that I do find myself more often then not within medium-to-heavy type scenarios. I am a paragraph writer. So if your character does get into a conversation with mine at a bar or another casual place, don't fret when I take a minute or two to respond, haha!


Anything from Real Life that I'm comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.)


I have a weakness for fantasy-themed readings: Be it a book or on a webpage, I love to read stories that take place in a setting of fantasy. It's actually what helped push me into roleplaying in the first place, to experience beautiful stories with other people.


I have a cat named Loki: And he embodies the namesake quite well. He's 13 years old and still as lively as ever, causing mayhem by knocking things over and crying constantly if he doesn't get attention the very instant he wants it. I love him to death. He also cries whenever I'm on the phone or talking to people online through mediums like Discord, just to say hello.


I am currently in College, with a Major in Computer Science: I'm actually currently taking a class in HTML and CSS that I'm enjoying. When I was getting my bearings on this website for the time that I've been on it, I can say I can appreciate how extensive all of this is.


Other Tid-Bits of Information:


As mentioned above, I do have a Discord! But I do wish for those that may want it to PM me on here for it. But as for everything else, this is everything!


As of currently, I am on the server 'Coeurl'. I am aware that there will be a kind of 'world-hopping' to be implemented somewhere down the line soon for the game. For RP opportunities that may be limited till then due to server differences, I do apologize.


I hope I get to know a few of you along the way! If anyone wishes to talk possibilities about characters meeting, please don't hesitate to PM me on here, as I truly do cherish the opportunity. But I am aware of servers and the part they play.

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