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[Balmung] LF-RP and Content Partner (Long Term)

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Time Zone: EST

Location: Balmung

RP Methods: In Game & Discord

How to contact me: Message me here or on Discord! (TheOneWhoSaysHi#0001)

Looking For: Content Partner And/Or RP Partner (Platonic)

RP Type: M/E/RP. Dark or Light Hearted. Pretty much all RP.


All Info Has been Moved to My Carrd! Thank you!



ffxiv_dx11 2019-03-13 06-21-04.png

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Added Discord name because I forgot it like a schmuck.
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Glancing at your other post I could actually work with your weird hours. I've kinda hit a wall with my own RP and I'm not entirely sure I could offer you the sort of character you're looking for? I will throw the offer out there nonetheless and say there's info linked in my signature that includes my Discord info if you're interested. I will also say I'm bored af contentwise with the raid tier cleared, EX primals farmed to death, and Eureka being a massive flop so I'm 100% at that point where I am more than happy to go back and help people with content every now and then.

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If you're interested, I'd love to try setting something up! My voidsent-hunting Seeker could find her way into your "Man on a Mission" plot hook really easily! I sent you a friend request on Discord so we can chat further if you like.

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