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Halstein Mercer

War for Pearl Lane

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The War for Pearl Lane (Friday March 15, 2019 11pm EST| Balmung)



Halstein and his crew are set to reduce the Pearl Lane to a pile of rubble. Each have their own sets of motives to assist him in this terroristic attack on the city of Ul'dah, and the lives of many citizens hang on their success or failure. This is a public event, all who wish to fight to defend the city or assist Hal and his crew may show up. Just show up before /yell for rules is done then you are allowed to fight.



This Friday at 11pm EST



Pearl Lane, Ul'dah.


I am also looking for overseers to help manage this event. If you would like to help, feel free to message me on discord: spatmwin#7540


In order to participate in this event to save the city, simply arrive before Halstein is done /yelling the rules for this event. They are as follows.



1. All weapons and armor are allowed.

3. Any use of magic are allowed.

4. Fighters may pair up to begin their fight. 2v1s, 3v1s, and so on are not allowed to save chat spam confusion.

5. If you do not have a partner you may ask to be paired up with one, just let the overseer know.

6. Death blows are not allowed unless consented to by your opponent.

7. First to three hits wins. When you fight a new opponent it will reset (i.e. if you come out of a fight with 1/3"hp" you will be back up to 3/3 "hp" when you begin your new fight)

8. Overseers WILL be respected and treated as a temporary form of authority by all spectators and combatants in regards to this event in order to keep it as orderly as possible.

9. People will be paired up on a first come first serve basis

10. Victory Conditions: Defenders: Rout or defeat all opposition forces. Attackers: Rout or defeat all opposition forces to set off charges.

Expect your character to be seriously injured in this event. This is an all out fight to the finish.





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