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The Celestial Dance Network is a Crystal datacenter-wide community that serves as a hub to help tribal/traditional-themed Seeker of the Sun & Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te role-players find role-play with other tribal/traditional-themed role-players. We offer a Crystal datacenter-wide Discord as well as three optional in-game cross-world linkshells. 
We are happy to accept players that are new to Miqo'te lore/role-play!
We welcome Miqo'te that are:

💔 Exiled from their people.
🌙 Keeper and Seeker mixed.
✨ Have tribal/traditional roots. (Ex: Raised tribal/traditional, now a city M
iqo'te interested in exploring their roots.) 




 yF2UGOG.png  Discord: — Join our Discord! You will land in a #🔔lobby area. A member of staff will be with you as soon as possible to tag you appropriately and send you to the main section of the Discord.





..:* What We Offer  *:..
  • An environment that proactively strives to maintain a casual, comfortable, immersive atmosphere to build your character's story.
  • Monthly gatherings to make contacts with new characters as well as other events that include themes such as sparring, story-telling, festivals, tavern RP, hunts, and more.
  • A lore-friendly community with designated sections and channels exclusively for character-building, including but not limited to sept/clan-crafting, prompts, and lore discussion.







..:* Community Rules  *:..

We are aware that our ruleset and tone section presents us as a strict community with high role-play standards. That simply isn't our intent and you will find, contrary to the language here, that the staff promotes an easy-going atmosphere. It's important to us that we explain our expectations and tone in a "no-nonsense" way so you can assess if this community is a fit for you or not. The reality is that we're a bunch of shy folks flailing around trying to get along, have a few laughs, and enjoy the game together.





You must respect the tone that the administrators of the community curate. 

Swearing, sarcasm, dry humor, dark humor, dirty jokes, ribbing one another, and spicy tom memery prevails in the culture of this community. You can also expect that adult topics will pop up in discussion or in role-play and we expect you to handle it in a mature fashion. We have taken the time to list a couple of tenets of note below. 



  • Be courteous to your fellow community members. Leave your Out of Character prejudice elsewhere. All nationalities, races, religions, sexual preferences, and gender identities, et cetera are welcome here. Violating this tenet is one of the quickest methods to getting removed.



  • Seek out RP. Don’t wait for it to seek you. You have several outlets at your disposal.



  • This is not an echo chamber. Constructive criticism done in the spirit of civility is welcome in the community. In that same vein, another player having a different opinion over role-play is not a personal attack and do not treat it as such.



  • This is not a furry convention. No Out of Character cutesy purring/nyah/lap-sitting/meow behavior. This behavior is viewed as grating, best left on Second Life, and a significant amount of our player base may have joined this community to escape this behavior.



  • Substance over style. Our screenshots/showcase channels are not meant as competition for members to "out mod" each other and see who can "make the hottest character." These are also not channels for you to post "hot screenshots" of your characters repeatedly while never participating in role-play events. We want to see your role-play over your aesthetics!



  • Use spellcheck and use proper grammar/punctuation/capitalization to your best ability. No one is perfect and mistakes happen, sometimes plenty of them, but expect a member of staff to pull you aside of your posts are not legible.



  • If you want to start an in-depth discussion of politics and religion we recommend you find another outlet. The staff is not interested in moderating extensive political or religious debate. In fact, we don't care to moderate heated arguments at all. Take it to private message.



  • No non-Miqo'te species. This community is focused on Miqo'te.



  • The nature of an open community such as ours presents the unfortunate reality that new members will join that may disregard the rules, are new to role-play, display poor role-play etiquette/quality, or they simply don't mesh with you and are not your style. We ask for your patience and understanding.



  • Be self-aware. Do not make this community a hostile or intimidating environment for others, especially for the purpose of browbeating another member into ERP. We have noticed that the prevailing method of attempting to coerce others into ERP is not overt advances, but rather, a more subtle pattern of unwelcome misconduct or behavior that's based on sex and pervasive enough that a reasonable person could find it intimidating.



  • Please keep the staff informed if you drastically fantasia or name change.



  • Do not directly rip from real-world mythology/culture. Want that Greco or Norse inspired sept or clan? Cool with us! Go for it! Please do not directly rip off names of deities or major historical figures in the pursuit of this. (ex: U'bastet, H'ercules, etc. Yes. I know. Don't look at me like that.)



  • Do not borrow heavily from or create clones of NPCs. 



  • Do not post explicit gore of people or animals being cut open, mutilated, or innards on display. This includes surgical procedures. When in doubt, spoiler it out!



  • Confine explicit NSFW imagery to its proper place. While we cannot guarantee the text in the Discord will be clean, we ask that you confine NSFW to the Shadow Realm & Sin Bin respectively. This includes your avatar. We do not control you and your account, however, you will be removed if your avatar contains sexual/violent explicit imagery or insinuations such as "ahegao."



  • Communicate with us. We are human and might miss something. We cannot fix a problem if you do not come to the staff and speak with us. 






You (the player) and your character must be over the age of eighteen.

Seven hundred-year-old "ten-year-olds" are not acceptable, nor is any other form of “loli” character, no matter how old they “actually” are. 




All characters are on the same even playing ground in this community.

Let us preface this section with a disclaimer and be crystal-clear: We are not here to lore-police you. What you do outside of the Celestial Dance Network is quite frankly none of our business.


Our community, however, is an open community to all. Oldhat and newcomer members alike have not consented to playing in a setting where your character has a lore-breaking ability, ultra-rare talent, or legendary artifact. Giving your character ultra-rare abilities/artifacts/gifts/et cetera quite understandably can and will make some members of the community uncomfortable as they are no longer on an even playing field with you and your character.


One of the best examples is how rare Black Magic and White Magic are and how difficult they are to accomplish In-Character. To avoid Out-of-Character conflict, many players simply make the choice to gloss it over In-Character or have their character treat characters who make these types of claims as nutcases.  Respect their wishes and personal preferences.


As always, if you have questions, feel free to clarify with the staff. We will do our utmost to work with you as we do actually want you here!


Below are some tenets we have adopted to ensure that all characters are on even-ground:



  • In Character Actions = In Character Consequences.


  • We will not be accepting ancient Allagan experiments, extradimensionals, nor extraterrestrial characters at this time. You are welcome to gush over your Mystel or the "alternative universe" version of your character.


  • No tempered or those that can temper. 


  • The echo is fine to a reasonable extent.


  • No halfbreeds. (Au Ra/Miq'ote, Hyur/Miqo'te, etc.) Just to be clear: half-Seeker and half-Keeper (or any percentage of the two) is fine.


  • You cannot dictate the lore of a full Seeker of a Sun tribe. Keep in mind that most in the community have crafted their own culture, backstory, and headcanons for the branch or sept of a tribe that their character is from. In order to avoid stepping on the toes of other community members, we do not allow our members to claim the lore of an entire tribe. Instead, we recommend an informal (or even formal!) nickname for their branch of the tribe based on your own creative writing. (Example: X'zirashah Bakt, the owner's character, is from the Lynx tribe. Her people are called "Dune Specters" as one of many nicknames attributed to them.) At this time we are not accepting characters that belong to Free Companies that claim the name of an entire tribe, as this does not align with the spirit of this rule. (Example: "The Lynx Tribe" or "The Bear Tribe" FC name.)


  • Do not project your own lore onto established NPCs/groups/organizations in-game. You can very easily craft your own branch of NPCs. 


  • We are not accepting Hrothgar-model Miqo'te at this time.


  • We do not allow characters to hold a position of exceptional ruling power in any canonical government or organization. This is including but not limited to the ruling bodies of Eorzea's City-States. This is not extended to the creation and cultivation of player-owned organizations/septs/clans. In fact, CDN encourages the creation of hierarchy within player-made clans and septs.


Some examples for clarity:

❌ Claiming to be a General of a city-state army. Claiming to be a close direct-report to a high ranking NPC. Claiming to be a character that can make sweeping legislation over city-states/Eorzea/et cetera.



✔️ Low to medium-high ranking member of Maelstrom/Adders/Flames, et cetera welcome! Low to medium-high Resistance movement members welcome!





We are lore-bending, not lore-breaking.

If you role-play any of the bullet points disallowed in this section this is not a reflection on you and your choices. These are our preferences and how we wish to maintain our community. 



  • Black Magic, White magic, and voidsent should be treated IC accordingly.


  • We are not accepting Female Nunh/Female model Nunh. This is not a statement on gender roles, those who are transgender, or personal identity in the real world. 


  • No incest role-play. 


  • No "abusive Nunh" and/or controlling Nunh trope. In this community, Nunh are family IC. They are trusted members of the community. We are currently not accepting characters with this trope prevalent in their backstory. See below for more information.  A single man cannot control a host of strong huntressesYes, we know about Coeurlking, no, we don't care.


  • The "alpha Nunh" and "beta Tia" trope is not welcome. We do not know where this trope came from, but in this community, it goes in the trash. Here, Nunh, Tia, and female Miqo'te are equals who love and respect each other as family. A Tia is not 'below' a Nunh or for that matter a female Seeker. Birth control exists, women can have sex freely, there is plenty of evidence of strong adventuring Tia in-game as well as female Seeker being sexually liberated. (Ex: the women of the Drake tribe in the Forgotten Springs.) Subhuman treatment of Tia would imply that the majority female society is accepting of it. This is insulting towards huntresses who grew up with them as sons, brothers, and fathers in their precious family unit.


  • We don't consider Fantasia/race changing something that can happen IC. If your character starts speaking about a previous life of them being another race, don't be surprised when other characters IC think they're pants-on-head nuts.


  • No overpowered characters. Characters who can casually wipe city blocks off of the map, time travel, teleport to other worlds, or withstand a haymaker from Titan will not be a good fit for this community. Such characters tend to pressure other players into making their characters that powerful, or risk being made irrelevant in combat RP. The general rule of thumb is that if your character's strength even approaches the WoL's, much less surpasses it, then they are too powerful for community.


  • No cult-like role-play where the Nunh controls the Seeker women sexually and/or romantically. As stated before, the thought of one man controlling multiple women in a society where the women are both seen as equals and outnumber him is simply ridiculous. This will not fly here. We do not want a pervasive theme of rape like this in our community.


  • We welcome non-Eorzean based tribal/traditional Miqo'te save one exception. Is your character from an island? Thavnair? That's perfectly fine! The only exception is that we are not accepting Doman/Hingashi-born Miqo'te at this time. If your character has briefly lived or traded in Othard/Hingashi/Kugane that is fine.


  • Out of respect for those who have not finished Shadowbringers as of yet, the following tenet is placed in the spoilers tag. We recommend you not read it unless you are finished with the Shadowbringers MSQ.



We ask that you respect the wish of community members that do not consider travel between the Source and its reflections easily done. 



Leave personal differences and cross-server drama at the door.

Every person who applies to the community will receive a fair shake. If you have a negative personal history with someone who joins the community before or after you — you are welcome to speak to the staff — but unless you provide compelling evidence you must accept that until they act out you have the option of blocking and ignoring them.


There will be no Final Fantasy server drama or bashing in this community. No one server is "better" than the other. 





This is not Party Grindr.

Let us be abundantly clear: we do not care if our members ERP in their own private time. This particular community is not a fit for ERP-centric characters nor does it exist as a venue to find a romantic relationship for your character.


If you are going to be hosting 18+ events with sexually explicit and/or incredibly gory/violent themes—you must include a disclaimer in the advertisement or call for role-play. 




  • Transgender characters and players are welcome! We have transgender characters, players, and staff in our community, and out of respect for them ...




⚠️ No futa, dickgirls, shemales, cuntboys, traps, or similarly labeled trans-fetish characters. ⚠️




  • We are currently not accepting characters with search information that contain f-list (or any type of fetish) links (also represented as /c or /c/). 




We will perform regular inactivity checks.

This is nothing personal. We will occasionally remove members that no longer appear to be active and have zero presence in the community. The key is communication! Talk to a member of staff if you are going to be inactive or on hiatus. If you feel if you have been removed by mistake or wish to rejoin, all you need to do is follow the steps above to be reinvited.




We have specific protocols and regulations for events we ask you to respect.


  • Weekly gatherings are community-focused events. Please run it by a staff member when you intend to bring guests to them!


  • Feel free to announce events that you, your linkshell, your friends, or your FC are hosting. We ask that you not use our community as an advertisement venue for other Discords, linkshells, Free Companies, or your personal Seeker sept/Keeper clan.









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