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X'rhivi Tia

mateus Crossroads Haven <<NEST>>

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Realm: Mateus

FC Name: Crossroads Haven
FC Tag: <NEST>
Leaders: Altanii Dotharl & Oktai Dotharl
Officers: - Vadi'a Voxhumi ~ Nhago'li Kestrel ~ Enkhtuya Dotharl
Fc Mansion: Goblet Ward 1 Plot 35
FC Type: Roleplaying (Medium-heavy RP) -- Tribal RP
Active Times: Events happen at 9am & 8pm CST - We cater to all time-zones and try to have 2 IC events and 1 content run every week at these times!~
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Source Links: ~ https://crossroadshaven.wixsite.com/nest ~~ Discord given upon request

Background NEST is a tribal themed community hub catering to all people across Hydaelyn. Be you the Xaela of the Steppes, the Miqo’te Seekers or Keepers, Viera or Hrothgar, or other tribal peoples, all are welcome. Here we hunt together, explore the world, spar, and find camaraderie among those with similar backgrounds who are ever pressing to better themselves out in the wilds across our lands. So come and join us in our chaotic ways, learn of our various backgrounds and day to day life at Crossroads Haven!

DISCLAIMER: 18+, LGBT+ friendly, asking applicants to be level active in Rp and leveling (making one event a month minimum)

Currently Recruiting: Accepting any and all rp types so apply freely!~ Open to ALL time-zones!

Contacts: Evil_Vixxen#0693 - Altanii Dotharl - Vadi'a Voxhumi

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~Bump due to actively recruiting again!

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Recruiting again!~

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