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RP'ers on Tumblr?

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Hey all.


I was one of the RP'ers who had a blog on Tumblr back in the day, but since the whole debacle December 2018, I left Tumblr out of principle. And I've been happy with that decision, because I didn't want to support the site and the changes to the platform, as it harmed a lot of people I was connected with on there.


However since then, I haven't had a platform to express my FFXIV stuff on. Thought about making a new Twitter account that is dedicated to my FFXIV activities, but Twitter as a platform feels very limited in comparison to Tumblr, which was just so easy and open, imo.


So I'm asking you guys, are any of you still on Tumblr? How's the FFXIV RP community activity on there these days? Is it worth going back to?


Thanks in advance. ^^

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Its okay, I don't think anyone would give you flak for posting in the wrong subforum!


That being said, Tumblr is still very much alive and kicking, not seeming too affected by the rule change. A good deal of folks have otherwise made carrd.co sites for their characters to compile information in. Twitter and Instagram are other platforms folks use that I've seen, but I've personally never used either. 

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