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Do EU roleplayers even have a reason to play Final Fantasy XIV anymore?

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I used to have lots of roleplay and was able to enjoy the game on Balmung before SE decided to move the servers to Canada, but when I moved over to one of the European servers, all roleplay activities abruptly stopped for me.

While efforts have been made to turn Omega into the unofficialI Eu roleplaying server, personally I have barely seen any roleplay happening over the last months of playing Final Fantasy XIV, but the ping on the NA ones makes enjoying the actual game impossible.

Is this game dead for europeans who are interested in roleplaying activities, as well as doing in-game content?

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I'm not sure where in the EU you're situated, but I know a fair amount of western european players who have no difficulty connecting to the current NA servers. And doing content no less. You may want to try a VPN if the EU datacenters aren't doing it for you. Or perhaps make an alt so you have a character for RP and one for content, if you have the time to dedicate to alts.

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As a European I find lots of RP on Omega.   Not quite as much as on Mateus or Balmung, but plenty enough.   You will want to join the Discord to find it though.  (There should be an invite link somewhere else on this site.)

I also play some on Mateus and Balmung, and I have not found the extra network latency to be a signficant problem.


So to answer your question - no, the game is not dead at all for europeans who enjoy both PvE and RP.







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Latency since they stupidly moved the servers to NA west coast is a huge frustration if you're trying to go for high end savage optimization (which I do, and thus why I'm moving out). I'm lucky enough not to be in the eastern or scandinavian parts of EU though, which adds even more latency. A VPN helps a great deal.


However you can play every piece of content perfectly fine, even savage or ultimates. It's mostly a matter of comfort, but I can understand that it's annoying as hell though.


The NA server move to west coast was stupid as hell though. I see a lot of East Coast people with better latency on EU servers than NA...

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Servers were consolidated at NTT America's datacenter, as part of SE's relationship with NTT back home in Japan. They ain't budging anytime soon over the next decade. 


The secondary reasons include better service for non-JP Asia and Oceanic regions. Before the move, ping averaged 220-250. Now it's 140-160.

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