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Some time after the events of Part I: In Search of Melodies in Ruin


As fat as he was, Ozu'ya struggled to crawl away.

Sweat dribbled - no, poured from his forehead and drenched his shirt. His heart rate was accelerating and his blood pressure spiked. His eyes widened with fear when he realized that his back was now touching the wall; no more room or any chances to escape.

In front of him, she swung slightly in the air - loosely like a swing in the gentle wind. Her eyes had rolled back and drool mixed with blood trickled from her mouth. Clenching tightly around her neck was a black armored gauntlet, each finger was sharp like the talons of a bird of prey. Her larynx was crushed but she had died seconds earlier when the wicked sword plunged into her gut. Now the whore's corpse swung gently as the murderer held her aloft by her neck.

With a single hand, the murderer threw her body effortlessly across the room and her blood splattered onto the wall upon physical impact. The miqo'te whore's body fell back onto the floor...

... and joined the other corpses that laid scattered on the floors of the brothel.

The murderer slowly turned his his attention towards the cowering fat Ozu'ya. Ozu'ya wimpered at the sight of the black helm that stared directly at him. Calmly, the black and crimson armored knight made his way towards the last of his prey.

"N-no! W-wait, p-please! I-I... I can give you gil! All the gil you desire!"

The Dark Knight slowly advanced closer with each step.

"Think of the gil! N-no, wait, how about women? P-power? P-please don't kill me!"

The Dark Knight was now a mere few feet from a rich and fat Ozu'ya.

"I'll pay double - no, triple of what they paid you!"

Ozu'ya was now dimmed by the shadow of the Dark Knight.

Slowly lifting his massive great sword - a sword forged by otherworldly means, the Dark Knight prepared to execute Ozu'ya. Ozu'ya continued to mumble with snot and tears streaming from his puffy face. The fear had caused his face to drain itself of blood and as his eyes stared at the blade that spelled his doom, he squealed at the top of his lungs.

The weapon was brought down into the face of Ozu'ya the fat. Ozu'ya the rich. Ozu'ya the corrupted. And the screaming was no more.



The brothel burned into the night and the flames licked the cool sky. The building slowly collapsed as the Dark Knight walked away. Quietly and calmly, he walked ever so gently. His helm masked his face and in the darkness beneath the great helm were steel colored eyes...

... and they burned with unrelenting hate.

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