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Looking for more Mateus RP friends ^^

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Hello! ^^


I'm Seika and I hope to meet a lot of interesting RP people on Mateus~!


My character is kind and, ah, very pale ^^♥  she runs an old, not-so-busy sento in Ward 15/Apartment 007 of Shirogane.


Most would say she is often aloof ^^;


Please, come ^^ talk to me~ I am in character usually always and really want to RP ~♥  


Thank you~! 

Seika Kyobashi - Mateus server

More about Seika for RP


Edited by Seika
I forgot things~ >.<

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Hey there.


I'm just coming back to the game and getting back into the RP swing of things. If you'd like to set some RP up, just let me know. In-Game I'm Gauge Cross and my Discord is Gauge#5193. With my work schedule I'm usually around NA weekday evenings, and weekends.


My character is also really pale. I promise not to try and steal your thing. 😁

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Sounds fun, maybe we can play sometime! Hit me up on discord when you have a chance.

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