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omega Looking for Long term RP companion(s)?

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So I'm fairly new to Omega and RP as well with FFXIV as my first MMO and first RP experience as well, it turns out the community is already built, so if anyone is willing to have an Ishgardian runaway, cheery berserker, strong and growing stronger character? I'd like a proper and long time friends for my chars in order to fully build his story and progress, not to mention do some RP based actions too! Anyone? ^_^ 

My plan is to join find a few group of roleplayers and have a regular roleplay so we can steadily progress. But by regular I don't mean everyday of course! Basically I just want a long term circle/clique. Also I'm looking for people who're quite accepting and open minded. I eventually plan to join or make an FC inspired by the ideas of Final Fantasy Type 0's Class Zero. So basically a group of strong individuals who wishes to restore and maintain balance on the realm by all and any means necessary. Well, at least that's how I want my character to be.

So my character:

Yunahito Akabayashi (I may change the last name eventually to suit lore more) is an Ishgardian runaway with a love for combat, he changed his name in Hingan fashion due to his love for the Eastern culture and creating an identity of his own. He is overly nice but quick to rage and is all in all quick to sadden as well, pretty emotional lad but usually strikes out as a very cheerful person with a wide smile and always looking for combat either by means of challenging people or via hunt.

I'm looking for a serious RP with proper story progression and hope to find friends for him both IC and OOC (I need friends too xD) and the genre I'm going for is focused more around seinen, action, slice of life and obviously comedy and tragedy too. 

I'm from the UK so my server is currently Omega but I'd be willing to move if better arrangements appear, as raiding is important to me as well... and my time zone is BST which is british standard time and I prefer to roleplay from 6-10 pm GMT on weekdays and well... most likely all day on weekends!

My discord is "Yunahito Akabayashi#8537"


Screenshot (561).png

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