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mateus Uranami Onsen Hanami Festival! April 18th & 19th

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Hanami (Flower Viewing)! Special Event: April 18th & 19th




Uranami Onsen wishes to invite you and your’s to our Outdoor Cherry Blossom Festival April 18th & 19th! We are announcing this early as due to the fact that this is one of our Monthly Events that we continue to provide to the Mateus server as a whole!  

This time though we are extending our Special Monthly Event to our Friday Happy Hour as well!

All of our staff will be dressed in their finest, Hingan-style dress in lovely shades of pink. We will be having a Special SECRET Menu as well both days! Though that’s a surprise! So you’ll have to see what we’re cooking up for these special evenings!






Location: Mist; Ward 15 // Plot 5 
Server: Mateus

Social Hour: Includes Soak & Amenities, Meal & Drink. 
Date: Thursday April 18th
Time: 7:30PM Pacific

Happy Hour: *HALF PRICE of our Inclusive Rate!* 
Date: Friday April 19th
Time: 10:00PM Pacific 

*Please take some time to review our onsen etiquette, they can be found at the top of our page.
**Our cellarage is mixed bath only. Please wear appropriate swimsuits or yugi.

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We're open in 30 minutes!! :D

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Friday Night Opening in 30 minutes!

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