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The Reclaimers is a Medium-Heavy RP Free Company on the Mateus server.


Legends tell of an ancient people known only as the Watchers. These men and women meticulously preserved and protected knowledge and arts from across the world, saving them from the umbral cycle of civilization’s fall. Believing one day that the world would be able to restore all that was lost to history, they continued to work for thousands of years. No one knows what became of the Watchers, and only stories and legends remained.


While the Watchers were careful to spread their resources as to not fall victim to one fatal siege, they built a city that held the Grand Secrets, knowledge that could disrupt the world balance if ever utilized. It was Altana, the Last City of the Watch. The stories tell different tales of what the city looked like and where it was located, but whether it still exists someplace has never been discovered. Perhaps it never even existed beyond a fantastical tale of a city with golden streets and terrible secrets.


Here and now in the Seventh Era, believed by some to be the last age of Hydaelyn, the Reclaimers seek to restore the Watcher legacy. Explorers, researchers, and artifact hunters that seek out the clues and relics of the ancient Watchers, the Reclaimers seek the Last City in earnest. Each have their own purpose in seeking the lost knowledge of Altana, but they are united in their desire to restore what was lost. Forsaking any outside allegiance or citizenship, the Reclaimers hold themselves apart from the political bodies and their influences. To reclaim the past, they must keep themselves above the trappings of man, and to seek out power for the good of all. To master themselves beyond reproach, and to safeguard the wisdom of the past and future, the Reclaimers set out to forge the destiny of this star.


For a more in-depth look at who we are and what we do, please visit the below link.



If interested in interacting with, or joining the Reclaimers, contact Gauge#5193 / Aira#6021 on Discord, or Gauge Cross / Aira Silvervine in game.

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Update 5/27/2019: Added more detail to what the Reclaimers are ICly. The Reclaimers site has been completely overhauled to accommodate changes and polish on the story and procedures. The site now also goes into depth on how interested parties go about joining the company. The link to the Reclaimers Handbook, the site that details the company's roll system, has been added to the Events section.


Next major update will include the Reclaimers Encyclopedia, the last site for the FC that will chronicle all the company's storylines and antagonist groups.

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