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"Please, feel free to come in."

  The Ivory Garden is a Free Company (with an attached Linkshell) founded on the ideals that not every solution need to be violent. We strive to work ourselves to our best and discover new- and cheap- methods of helping people. Not a mercenary group, not a secret organization- No; The Ivory Garden is what one could call a club of sorts. Our members conduct themselves in positive manners and strive only to help others without a thought of reward in their mind. Our services include a nursery for plants, the shop on the first floor, as well amenities and rooming for those who are less fortunate.

  Here in the garden, we are looking for goodhearted individuals that don't want to work for fortune or fame, but instead wish to ease the burdens of those more unfortunate than ourselves.

  We accept role players of all types; simple sentences, small paragraphs, or even multi-paragraph; we do not discriminate.

  [We accept role players of all skill levels- The Ivory Garden is a place for us to nurture and grow our skills, not shame people who may just need help.]


What We Are Looking For

   The Ivory Garden is looking for individuals who just want to perhaps relax and at least have a good time. We accept role players of all skill levels (and even non-role players!) into our ranks, as well as into the attached Linkshell. We may be small, but we value not our size but the people around us. Outside of RP, we would like to encourage the participation of regular content as well, including raids, dungeons, etc. While we appreciate joking around, we are looking for kind spirits and all around great people.


Recruitment and How to Apply

  Currently, the Ivory Garden is OPEN for recruitment. We are seeking a few new members into our ranks who have a love for plant life and experimenting. In order to apply, please feel free to send a message to Lho'a Relanah, Yhah Dazkar, or Kumori Yamauchi in game for more details. For out of game application, our free company website has a link to our rules and application!


  Our Free Company Website is here:


  If you would like apply In character, feel free to show up at Goblet Ward 15, Plot 33 and see if anyone is around to service you!

Recruitment status can change at any time!




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